Do You Have a Word?

Personal Growth ? Yes Please!

Each TMC staff member and elder creates an annual personal growth plan involving goals and a “word.” I want to offer you the opportunity to do it as well.
What is Your ONE WORD?
What ONE WORD might make the biggest difference for your life? This was something we started as a staff incorporating into our annual Personal Growth Plans a few years ago. Some of my words over that time have been courage, security, rest, clarity, fellowship (with God), exponential (how I choose to invest in others) and this year’s word is


As an Enneagram One, I have a critical eye for how to improve things and yet it’s easy to be consumed with what needs to be improved and to fail to enjoy what is good already. As a way to reinforce this, I’m going to keep a log of 100 reasons to “choose joy”
What ONE WORD could make the biggest difference in your life this year and how might you live it out?
What do you think God wants to see happen in your life in these six areas?
1. Faith (ministry activities, personal bible reading and prayer)
2. Family (When my dad passed away in 2020, I was grateful that a few years earlier, I had made a goal of FaceTiming my parents once a month)
3. Finances (we have giving goals and last year we attained the goal of paying off our house
4. Fitness (Intellectual, Physical)
5. Friendship (building relationships)
6. Fun (play golf, cornhole, pickleball, disk golf)

People are depending upon you and growth seldom happens by accident!
Parent Cue Coming!
This will be our third event designed as a resource to encourage parents in the most important job in the world!  This is an equipping event we are hosting, designed for parents where we  bring in an expert to help navigate parenting and culture as seen through a Christ centered worldview. This will take place Tuesday,  January 24th, 2023 Begins at 5:45pm and will end at 7:30pm. Childcare and dinner will be provided. Sign up today! Click by clicking the link below:

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