Connect Groups

Everyone has a past and a next step.

- TMC Axiom

We believe that we are designed for community, to have intentional relationships with people interested in heading in the same direction together. We want to follow Jesus while experiencing life with others who are doing the same.

Connect Groups are small groups of individuals who want to meet together for a season (roughly 12 weeks), gathering in homes and building relationships with each other.

Connect Groups produce spiritually mature people who care for one another.

Interested in joining a group?

Connect Groups are for people at any place in their walk with Jesus and at any point in life. Most groups are multigenerational; some groups are for men or women only.


Why should I join a Connect group?

The purpose of Connect Groups is to provide a space where everyone who comes to TMC can connect in a face­-to-­face environment to grow spiritually and care for one another. While our weekend worship gatherings are important, it is difficult to build friendships in that shoulder­-to­-shoulder environment. Being in a Connect group gives you the opportunity to build those caring friendships and be challenged to grow spiritually.

How often do Connect groups gather?

Groups gather weekly. Connect Groups run in seasonal rotations of Spring and Fall. The Spring season encompasses February to May and the Fall season is August through November.

Where do Connect groups gather?

Connect Groups gather in group member’s homes throughout the community or online usually via Zoom. Some groups gather at the same home consistently while other groups rotate between homes. There is no obligation to open your home to hosting, though it can be an important step in building friendships.

What about child care?

Groups handle childcare in a variety of ways. This is group­-specific and will vary. Here are a few of the ways childcare is handled:
  • Group members hire a babysitter together.
  • Group members rotate individually watching the children.
  • Teams of group members supervise the kids in shifts on same night.
  • Groups allow children to participate in the gathering with the adults.