Who We Are

Thunder Mountain Church Pantry is staffed entirely by volunteers who give generously of their time to provide a personal and compassionate touch to people served by the pantry.

What We Do

We gather and distribute food to our Thunder Mountain Church family, our neighbors in Golden Acres and to organizations around Cochise County.

TMC Pantry Hours

Wednesdays 1pm-2pm
Sundays 10:30am-11:00am
1st Tuesday of every month 5:15 pm-5:45pm
To Go Food Bags are available in the Ministry Service Center
Monday - Thursday 9am-3pm

TMC Pantry's primary role is to show Jesus' compassion to individuals and families in our community facing:

  • Hunger
  • Difficult financial choices
  • Unforeseen financial setbacks
  • Underemployment - a situation in which individuals find it necessary to work in low-paying or low-skill jobs

In addition to distributing food, our long term goal is to provide in-house services and facilitate connections to resources in Cochise County that confront the root causes of hunger and encourage self-sufficiency.  

We distribute food bags to our neighbors in Golden Acres, residents of Sierra Vista, and organizations in Cochise County that help people achieve self-sufficiency including; Hoops House, Forgach House, SEABHS and Fountain of Hope Counseling.

March Pantry News

Hello Pantry Supporters,
In the month of March we reached out and got food to 47 families, helping put food in an estimated 133 stomachs. 50 bags went out along with a number of other miscellaneous items.
Thank you for your donations in March. The pantry shelves got restocked with 611 items.
This month I am going to share with you all, with permission of the authors, two letters from people we regularly support with our food ministry. Please keep them and us in your prayers. 
"You dear people have blessed us so liberally with your food and for Patty to bring it to our home.
 John is a retired Baptist minister and will be 102 years old in a few months. He is homebound now. He served in the Navy for 6 years in WWII but was severely injured. He is getting medical care from the VA.
The groceries are so helpful to us and knowing people care. You are truly following what Jesus our Saviour taught about love the Lord our God and to show this love to our neighbor. We ask the wonderful Lord to pour out his blessings on each and all of you now and forever.
Thank you sincerely,
John Stone and wife Betty Stone"
"To: Holly,
I hope I heard your name right, and spelled it correct. I was talking to Patty Haynes this week about Church and the Food Bank and how life has gotten hard for so many of us. I have a friend in Texas who is very sick right now, and when one of us calls: It’s “so hard” not to cry for her, and make it worse.
And I’ve been very sad myself with our family's lack getting behind to make ends meet. I’ve been so happy to have Patty’s help.
I’m sad to say I haven’t been anywhere. I miss not driving, I miss Churs, and having someone else get things for me. I’ve been praying all the time, Holly, that the Lord Jesus will heal a very bad ankle wound from a spider bite. I was sad one day and showed it to Patty. I wanted someone to pray that it heals soon. It still hurts but seems less so, ugly wise, as time goes on. I so want a better life in every area right now. I miss the church services, and the music. I don’t know what’s worse, can’t sing or can’t walk right now. 
Meanwhile Holly, I wish the best from the Lord to you and Patty both. 
Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2
Julie Pedersen
Pantry Volunteer