Regardless of what caused you to come visit TMC or click on this webpage, we believe your next step is to come to THRIVE. At thrive we will not try to impress you or to convince you of anything but it is  a great way to decide if or how you want to get involved here.

Learn about Thrive and How You Can Connect

What is the Purpose of Thrive?

Ministry Partnership is a vital step in your desire to grow as
a follower of Jesus and to enjoy a fruitful time at
Thunder Mountain Church, no matter the length of your stay. Thrive is the path to that partnership.

Who should attend Thrive?

Everyone comes to a new church with their own set of expectations, and because “conflict is unmet expectations” you will want to know what to expect during your time at TMC.  Thrive is a “formations” class that helps you set the expectations you should have of the church and gives you the opportunity to let the church know what to expect of you. This way we can help you make your time here a time of significant spiritual growth!

Why should you attend Thrive?

If you are considering a partnership with TMC, you will want to know who you are partnering with and the history you are becoming a part of.  How we operate and how we desire to grow you as a disciple of Jesus are important! In making the most of your time here, you will want to find your “fit” in the ministry as soon as possible.

When and where is Thrive?

Thrive is held every month, on the third Sunday unless it is a holiday, then it is the second Sunday of the month. We meet at the church at 8:oo AM for breakfast in one of the classrooms with breakfast and childcare provided.

Thrive Schedule:

Stay tuned for Thrive classes to appear. Check back often to see the schedule and enroll in the class that works for you.