"... it is not my heavenly Father’s will that even ONE of these little ones should perish."   Matthew 18:14

"For the One" is a 3-year fund-raising capital initiative. Our goal is to increase our general fund giving and raise enough funds to take the next steps towards our new building. Please continue reading for more information....

Our Desire

"We will be ever-growing, ever-reaching this generation  for Christ" has been our commitment for over 33 years because we have always understood that Thunder Mountain Church was not started to serve our preferences, but it was about those whom the Lord would reach through us that no other church is reaching. Our greatest joy has been in knowing that God was using us to increase the population of Heaven and thereby decreasing the population of Hell!

In the same way, it is not my heavenly Father's will that EVEN ONE of these little ones should perish. Matthew 18:14 (NLT)

The larger our church has grown, the greater the temptation to be content with what we have. When you are blessed with much, it is tempting to enjoy the comforts those blessings provide. It is easy to look around and  conclude  we are doing "our share" and that the effort to reach "just" ONE is the responsibly of someone else.
For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more. Luke 12:48b (NKJV)

Our History

Thunder Mountain Church started with just a few who gave of themselves to become a church of many. Through much sacrifice, God multiplied our impact to reach the number of people we’ve been able to reach and whose lives He has transformed through us!

While we have much to celebrate, we believe that the leaders of Thunder Mountain Church today have a responsibility to ensure that THE BEST YEARS ARE ALWAYS JUST AHEAD!  Together, God will write His Story with us!

Our Greatest Needs

Our Dilemma

1. A secure children's facility
2. More seats for more people at our worship gatherings
3. More connection space
4. Greater capacity to host more people at discipleship events
The projected cost of this project is estimated at $7 million and since the most we are approved to borrow is $5 million we must raise at least $2 million before construction can begin.

In order to qualify to borrow $5 million we must grow our General Fund from $900,000 to $1,250,000 which we believe will happen in the next two years.

Our Dream

We would love to not only build the Worship Center and connection space but to secure land around us to provide a food pantry, an urgent care center, auto repair facility and ballfields that would make us a resource to our community!

Jesus is  the Hope of the world and the Church is His body. Our community NEEDS us to express the love of Jesus in practical ways so that the thousands who haven't received the good news of Jesus can come to know, love and serve Him!

When our community hears the name "Thunder Mountain Church," we want them  to see a church who is always reaching out with a spirit of generosity to give!

Why build again?

By building the new 780 seat worship center and finishing our 10 acre campus, we will have a large room for worship and other large community events, more connections space (larger lobby, coffee shop, prayer room), and be able to dedicate our current facilities to the children's ministry.

What about debt?

Each time we have borrowed money, we did so with ONE purpose in mind and that is to reach people! In 2008, a church of about 100 committed to borrowing $1.5M and that allowed us to become a church that would touch the lives  of thousands of people a year. Borrowing money in 2018 let us have the new facilities three years earlier and touch the lives of hundreds of children  in the process!

We recently paid off our mortgage and we did this for two reasons: 1) to eliminate  the need to pay interest and 2) we needed to eliminate all debt in order to be able to build again.

Can I move my regular giving to "For the One"?

Short answer: if everyone did this we would have a building but no ministry. The operational budget funds everything we do and is where our tithes belong. This campaign will build our faith and it must come from money over and above our current giving.

Why For the One?

Our church always has been and always will be about people! No matter how many people call TMC home, every ONE matters and as long as there is ONE MORE to reach, we will do everything we can to make room for each person God will call to Himself through us!

"The next person through the door belongs as much as anyone else!" (TMC AXIOM)

What About Outreach?

With each capital initiative, we have had an outreach component and our tithe from For the One will go to help CareNet complete the purchase and furnishing of their new mobile unit that will allow them to provide throughout the county, the services that are available in their office in Sierra Vista.

Relentless Love

"Relentless Love" was our previous capital initiative. It was a 3-year campaign from November 2018 to December 2021 that provided much needed children's ministry space along with some other projects


  • Construction of four new classrooms
  • Expansion of restrooms
  • Remodel of existing classrooms
  • Purchase of a modular for children’s ministry use
  • Connection to the city sewer
  • Painting of the building
  • Replacement of flooring in the existing hallway, classrooms, kitchen and foyer.
  • Engineering, design, permit and related fees.
  • Expansion of the playground
  • Updating our lighted sign at the entrance.