What the Relentless love Building Initiative is Preparing Us For

We are part of a church that was started because people were aware of a need for a genuine Christian community where people could experience the joy of being equipped and entrusted with significant ministry and be encouraged to become everything God created them to be!  We also realized we want to be a place that always has room for more people and is presenting the unchanging Word of God in ways that the current generation can understand and embrace!

Rather than concluding “We’ve arrived” because we have a building that feels full on Sundays, we seek God to grow us into our full potential as a congregation, believing that anything less would be sinning (missing the mark).  With the opening of the first building, our attendance literally doubled and then it nearly doubled again! With the large influx of people, we prayed earnestly “Increase our capacity to grow people!”   Now we must initiate steps to build again because our facilities are preventing us from becoming the church God is calling us to become!  We must build, and we must do it right!

Relentless Love giving as of 12/31/21 -  $1,031,626.62

We have reached 81% of our Relentless Love Gold goal.

Thunder Mountain Church started with just a few who gave of themselves to become a church of many. Through much sacrifice, God multiplied our impact to reach the number of people we’ve been able to reach and whose lives He has transformed through us!

While we have much to celebrate, we believe that the leaders of Thunder Mountain Church today have a responsibility to ensure that THE BEST YEARS ARE ALWAYS JUST AHEAD!  Together, God will write His Story with us!
OUR DREAM:  To become a seven-day a week destination for people to connect with God and each other! We need space for people to linger without feeling run over or pushed out the door. We want multiple areas to connect, process decisions, and pray for one another!  We have to make room for all the children God calls here, and we want their parents to enter and exit the worship gatherings stress-free!

OUR DILEMMA:  The facilities that allowed God to expand our touch over the past thirteen years, to tens of thousands of people, are now presenting a barrier to us becoming everything God created us to be as a church!

OUR DISCOVERY:   As we took our time and prayed over this situation, we realized children’s space was our most immediate and critical need.

  • Classrooms were crowded
  • Lack of adequate children’s space was limiting the number of families who were willing to call TMC “home.”
  • This expansion made room for more people and helped close the gap between the facilities we need and what we can afford.


  • Construction of four new classrooms
  • Expansion of restrooms
  • Remodel of existing classrooms
  • Purchase of a modular for children’s ministry use
  • Connection to the city sewer
  • Painting of the building
  • Replacement of flooring in the existing hallway, classrooms, kitchen and foyer.
  • Engineering, design, permit and related fees.
  • Expansion of the playground
  • Updating our lighted sign at the entrance.
Thunder Mountain Church New Class Room


To create an environment where more children can enjoy coming to know, love, and serve Jesus! To create an environment where more families will entrust their children to our care. To create an opportunity to expand and pay for the project by the end of 2021!
Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What did we accomplish through Relentless Love?

1. We remodeled and expanded the current building to the East, which provided an additional four large classrooms (300sf each)  and increased the size of current restrooms.
2. We added a modular (986sf) for the children’s ministry to use for their large group worship. This provides space for children’s worship until the new worship center can be built.
3. Classroom 4 was lost to restroom expansion and classrooms 1-3 (605sf) have been remodeled into two larger classrooms with sound control.

2. How much were we trying to raise from the Relentless Love Campaign?
Our prayers were to raise $1,277,400. Relentless Love was a 3-year capital initiative that with the ability to accomplish the following goals:

Bronze Goal:  Expand the children’s ministry area and, in three years, pay for the costs of the project!
Silver Goal:  Pay for the cost of the expansion project plus interest which means we would end the three years without any additional debt!
Gold Goal:  In addition to paying for the project plus interest, we would also pay off the current mortgage so that we would be completely debt-free and ready to build the connection space that is so badly needed right now!

We reached the Silver Goal and a portion of the Gold Goal!

3. Can I move my regular giving to the Building Faith Initiative?
Short answer: if everyone did this we would have a building but no ministry. The operational budget funds everything we do and is where our tithes belong. This campaign will build our faith and it must come from money over and above our current giving.

4. Was any of the money raised used for outreach?
Yes! We tithed 10% of all money from the campaign to continue supporting our strategic partnerships here in Cochise County.

5. How do I participate in the Relentless Love Campaign?
The campaign has officially ended, but contributions can be made to the Building Fund.  You can contribute by clicking on the button above, through our App., or by setting up an auto-payment from your bank to Thunder Mountain Church. You can also drop an envelope with cash or check into the Offering Box with "Building Fund" marked.