Our desire is to see the population of heaven increase!

Outreach Serving Opportunities

Thunder Mountain Church participates in ongoing programs that are opportunities for you to serve our community from the church, in our neighboring community, and from home.

Prison Fellowship

Prison Fellowship is a Christian Ministry that partners with the Douglas Prisons and sees positive change in the lives of inmates through weekend workshops.

Volunteer Outreach

Volunteer Outreach Projects are one way TMC meets the needs of our community by completing yard clean up, minor construction, moving assistance and other projects.

Food Pantry

The Thunder Mountain food pantry is a source of supplementary food and toiletries for those in need from our congregation and the community.

Operation Christmas Child

TMC participates in Operation Christmas Child every year by packing shoe boxes that are sent across the globe along with the story of the gospel. 

Local partners

When you give to our general fund, you help us support these local organizations each month. You may find opportunities throughout the year to support these partners, or volunteer directly through them. 

Care Net

The mission of Care Net Pregnancy Center of Cochise County is to share the love of Jesus Christ through spiritual guidance and practical assistance in southeastern Arizona in the areas of pregnancy, post-abortion counseling and education, and public education on these issues.

Lori's Place

Cochise Family Advocacy Center
Lori's Place's vision is to be a resource facilitator for best practice in the field of abuse prevention, treatment, investigation, and prosecution.

Peach's Pantry

Peach's Pantry's mission is to provide food on weekends to school children in the Sierra Vista and surrounding area who are economically disadvantaged in order to enrich their learning environment.

Echoing Hope Ranch

Echoing Hope Ranch’s (EHR’s) mission is growth, discovery and lifelong learning in safe and respectful homes and communities for adults and teens with autism and other developmental disabilities.

International Partners

When you give to our general fund, you help us support these international organizations and independent missionaries each month.

Casa Esperanza para niños

Located in Hermosillo, MX,  Casa provides a safe and loving home to children who would otherwise be without, with the primary goal of eventual adoption.

Bethlehem Church

Pastor Satyam of Bethlehem Church in India ministers to and cares for local orphans and widows by providing monthly rice and care product distribution, as well as regular church meetings, home visits, and baptisms.

While Pastor Satyam is an independent native missionary, we partner with him through Advancing Native Missions (ANM). They state, "Your donation to ANM supports native Christian workers who are already accustomed to the languages, cultures, and living standards where they live, so you can accomplish more with less while participating in the global body of Christ."

Jesus Our King Church

Pastor A does evangelism, audio bible distribution, and discipleship across the Philippines, as well as supports and empowers other native pastors.

For the protection and privacy of Pastor A and those he serves, we are not able to share more information at this time. 

Ethnos 360

Rachel Chapman, our Strategic Partner with Ethnos 360, ministers to Native Mexicans in Las Moras through Bible development, discipleship, and practical services.

Wycliffe Bible Translations

Beth Fuller, our Strategic Partner with Wycliffe Bible Translators, has been in the PNG over 20 years as part of a team helping to translate the Bible into a native tongue for the first time. They do regular bible literacy workshops with locals to share the Bible int heir own language.

Wycliffe is committed to sharing the life-changing power of God's word by utilizing translators to provide communities across the world with Scripture in their language. 

Salvation Army

Salvation Army - Provides hot meals, food pantries, meal programs as well as shelter, bill pay and employment assistance to those in need.