Even One

...Even One of These Little Ones...

FOR THE ONE Capital Initiative!
Over the past several months, several people have been asking me what we are going to do to accommodate the numerical growth we have been experiencing and the crowding that has been growing as a result. My response has been, “An announcement will be coming closer to Easter” and THAT time has come!

For over 33 years we have maintained that "We will be ever-growing, ever-reaching this generation for Christ!" Sometimes that growth has been as easy (welcoming new people) and sometimes that growth has been hard (building buildings).

But it has ALWAYS been rewarding!
1. After nearly 20 years in rental facilities, we finally built in 2008 and the number of lives God was able to touch through us exploded!
2. We held two more capital initiatives that expanded our space, prepared to build again by eliminating debt and connecting to the city sewer system.

NOW we are preparing to build a 780 seat worship center, with ample connection space, complete the “site development” (required by the city), turn our current building into a secure children’s ministry facility, and multiply the number of people we can host at discipleship events!
1. We need a secure facility for children's ministry
2. More seats are needed for more people at our worship gatherings
3. More space is vital for people to connect in spiritual conversations and prayer
4. Greater capacity to host more people at discipleship events

1. A spirit of generosity is the best way to experience God
2. They grow the faith of a great church
3. We are able to take hold of that for which God established our church to accomplish.
THE TEMPTATION is always present to be content BUT GOD SAYS THIS IN HIS WORD!
In the same way, it is not my heavenly Father's will that EVEN ONE of these little ones should perish. Matthew 18:14 (NLT)
I hope you will join Kim and I and seek God to reveal what only He can do through you!

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