Father's Day

Relentless Love Update

We are in the homestretch of our 3-year Relentless Love capital initiative!

For me, Relentless Love is about continuing the legacy of the faith of those who went before us by committing to be ever-growing, ever-reaching this generation for Christ!

We could have chosen comfort but we continue to trust God for everything He birthed this church to be and become! That is why we committed to this project to provide more space for children and to create the possibility of building again to create the campus and connection space needed to reach the people of our community we are destined to reach.

I look forward to the day when our entire present building will be exclusively devoted to children and students and we will be able to build facilities where there will be the time and space for people to connect with God, each other, and their God-given purposes seven days a week!


  • 202 households have contributed $849,749 (through June 6)
  • 114 households initially set goals of $979,143 and $728,783 has been received so far (76%)
  • 18 have not only completed their goals but have given an additional $27,485!
  • 88 additional households have contributed $114,119

  • Silver Goal:  146,848 more (at current pace, will be reach in mid-December)
  • Gold Goal: 427,651 more (estimated $275,000 will remain when Silver goal is reached)

Father's Day BBQ this weekend!

I experienced so much of the love of God from my dad! Growing up in the era when you not only paid to make long-distant phone calls but you paid by the minute, I know I didn’t call home nearly enough. In recent years, I made it a goal to Facetime home monthly which was better but probably not enough. In all of those years, do you know what I never experienced? My dad never scolded me for not calling more often. He always and only expressed appreciation for the fact that I had called and he was always grateful for the minutes we talked together!
The message this week will continue our “Unexpected Journey” series but it will talk about the power of focused energy and how by focusing on two activities, You can accomplish God’s purpose for your life!
This weekend, not only will Louie’s BBQ come to break in our new Grille for our Father’s Day BBQ  under the ramada, but we hope the new sand volleyball court will be completed and able to be used!

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Alan Claytor - June 17th, 2021 at 6:57pm

I was blessed to have gotten to know your Dad while he was in town. A really good man I always enjoyed seeing.