How Can I Help?

Attendance isn't a measure of success but the weight of responsibility...


We have had three Sundays recently that were among our highest 3-service attendances ever! (outside of Easter and Christmas)

On 1 October, 584 adults were in our worship gatherings (751 total with kids) and 88% of the seats filled at 9:30. Oct. 29 we had 732 total.

I don’t see attendance as a measure of success. To me (and TMC leadership), it is the weight of responsibility! We have been working hard this year in developing our Discipleship Pipeline and the staff has branded “Mission Monday” as a way to focus on prioritizing the importance of “being disciples who make disciples . . .” and God is blessing our efforts!

We know what to do with the people God is drawing to Himself through our church but the question becomes “What are we going to do to make room for the people coming?”

We have some serious immediate challenges (not to mention Easter is six months away).

“What Can I Do?”
1.) Try another service to create more space for guests at the 9:30! Our 8:00am or 11:00am worship gatherings still have a little more room. Our typical new guest is coming to the 9:30, let's make room for them.

2.) Serve! Children’s Ministry and/or Guest Services need you! Right now we do not have enough volunteers to staff the 8:00 service and we are short about 11 people to be able to say we have a fully staffed children's ministry at 9:30 and 11:00. We want to offer consistency! Sign up t be a sub in children’s ministry to be a blessing to the parents! (Go to Thrive Nov. 19 to get connected!)

3.) Support! For the One is our capital initiative to help us to break ground. We need to raise $2M AND increase our General Fund to $1,250,000 so that we can qualify to borrow $5M.

We don’t want to borrow any money but we will in order to make room for people!

The next person through the door will only feel like they belong if there is a place for them to sit AND we will only continue to be “ever-growing” if we are willing to pay the price to make room for everyONE God is drawing to Himself through us.

This is the fourth capital initiative for Kim and myself (and Lord willing, it won’t be the last) and we are eager for God to do the impossible AGAIN!

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