Growth and Goodbyes

"Growth & Comfort Can Never Coexist"

Growth seldom happens by accident and when you grow, each life you touch will receive a better touch as a result of your investment in your growth at the Summit!
Sunday, June 25th was  “Summit Sunday” at TMC and we have been offered a special rate of $139 good from June 25th through July 4th  so this is the best time to register! Starting July 5th the rate will increase to $159 through July 12th and then $179 from then until the Summit (Aug. 3rd & 4th).
Military, First-Responders, Nurses , Teachers, College Students and Students (12yrs old to 17yrs - old) have special rates of $99.  
Military (and spouses) would  mark “military” when registering.
Teachers and students would mark “student or faculty".
Click here to register
Each year, we feature the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) as the premier leadership development resource in our church. For Kim and I, GLS has been a non-negotiable in our schedules for at least 15 years. I can tell you that, except for my own bible study and prayer,  God has used this event more than any other to grow me and my ministry.
It was through GLS that God showed us how to free our social involvement from the political realm to the biblical. In the past there were Republican social issues and Democratic social issues but now those lines of distinction are erased for us and replaced with “biblical compassion”.
That’s just one example but that kind of thinking not only also produces unity within churches but between them as well.


Danielle Light has served in many ways for the many years that she and Marty have called TMC their church home! Most recently, she has been the Guest Services Director whose mission has been to coordinate the efforts of all the hosting, baking, kitchen, communion, catering, and security ministries to inspire people to return!

Meet You at the Ramada (MYATR) and Sierra Vista Nights were her “babies” as well as the catering team which provided better meals at much lower cost for many church-sponsored events. **

Danielle, Marty and their three boys are going to be sorely missed and not just for what they do but for who they are and how they have been fixtures in the lives of many! (Corban has played on my soccer team for two years! Come to think about it, Danielle was instrumental in getting me back to coaching soccer.) We are sad to see them leave but excited for the new job opportunity that awaits Marty back East. We are so grateful for all she has done for  Jesus through serving the people of Thunder Mountain and beyond.
If you or someone you know might be interested in this ministry position, please check out our “careers” page on our website.

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