Where Did Our Sign Go?!


Several of you have asked, “What happened to our sign on the highway?”

We have been very fortunate to be able to have space on a sign we did not own in real estate that we did not buy.  When one company went out of business, we asked for and received permission to put our sign up. We did so knowing that SOMEDAY that land could sell and our sign would come down. Well . . . that day has come.

Current Reality.
Circle K bought that corner to construct a new building and when that occurred, we were informed that our sign would have to come down. The owners have been very kind and accommodating. They told us exactly when they would have to tear it down and that, if we wanted to keep it, how much time we had to remove it, which we did.

Future Prospects.
 Truthfully, there is no other place on the highway to put it, but we took that step of faith in case God chose to provide that miracle. So will you please join us in praying that God will give us a place on the highway to put up our sign?


I wanted to share that we passed an important milestone a week ago! Our total indebtedness (from our two mortgages) just dropped to under $400,000 ($369,492)! We are only $90,530 from eliminating the construction loan under Relentless Love and the original mortgage which was $1.2 million in 2012 now stands at $278,962

Those who give to our general fund, expand our ability to reach out, touch lives, and grow people today, and gifts to Relentless Love, prepare us to do that tomorrow!

When I prayer-walk around the property I remember when I would do that when nothing was here except mesquite trees and weeds (with LOTS of stickers!). All that is now was preceded by a sketch of rough outline in the dirt made by my feet. I even set up a wooden pulpit were I estimated to be the place where the Word would be proclaimed someday, and I MARVEL when I look at what is now and give thanks for what God has done!

My conviction is that God isn’t done! Someday, our current building will become a secure children’s facility and the new worship center will help create a campus where people can come, connect, and linger seven days a week!

Before we can prepare to take that step, we need to eliminate all debt and begin building our worship building fund. Relentless Love will wrap up this year with the 2018 construction loan eliminated and the original mortgage no more than what you or I would pay for a house. Would you pray with me for both mortgages to be eliminated?

With a strong finish to Relentless Love and some strong year-end gifts it’s within reach!


Tony hilerio - July 21st, 2021 at 7:45pm

I have a question is it possible to put our sign across the highway

Bruce Phillips - July 22nd, 2021 at 11:12am

It would be nice if we could have it was possible to put it on the West side of 92 instead. I'm not sure who owns the empty space there.