Love in Action

"Serving Others is Love in Action"

We all probably agree that a healthy church is not confined to the four walls of its building.
Well, Project Serve is the event that helps accomplish that for us!
Because NEXT Sunday is when we cancel our indoor worship services and deploy to do our “worship serving” outdoors. This is the last weekend to sign up for Project Serve!
Look at the benefits of signing up for Project Serve!  Signing up allows us to . . .
ORGANIZE our teams effectively before we show up on Sunday (can you imagine the chaos created by everyone “just showing up”?
COMMIT to serving rather than wimp out at the last minute (just like the best time to patch the room is on a sunny day, so the best time to commit to Project Serve is TODAY!)
GROW the volunteer culture in our church!
BUILD our church community by serving together (Many of the relationships I cherish so much were created by serving with people!)
EXPAND the kingdom of God by sharing the unconditional love of Jesus through our service
Remember that this all happens NEXT Sunday (September 3)! I hope you can make it!
Sign up for Project Serve HERE
What is Thrive?
It is the “onramp” whether you are exploring a relationship with Jesus, want to get involved, or just want to understand TMC before calling us “home”!
Regardless of what brought you here, “Thrive” is a great next step and it happens to be offered THIS SUNDAY, August 27th. 
Sign up for For Thrive HERE

We heard people asking for an opportunity to go more in depth on different subjects and Equip is the answer! It’s our desire to equip you to live out your faith! If you want to see the classes being offered, click HERE! Everything begins on Thursdays starting September 14th!

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