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Social Media: An Online Ministry

Do you enjoy following TMC on Instagram and/or Facebook? I would like to tell you about how you can help expand our efforts to reach more people while enjoying the uplifting and informative posts.
There has been much talk in recent years about Facebook limits people’s access to topics that are near and dear to our hearts but rather than rant about “bad Facebook” I’d like to share with you what YOU can do about it.
Facebook is a “For Profit” company and they love making money. The way they do this is generate “clicks”  and this is accomplished by putting content in people’s feeds that they will . . . click on.
They have many algorithms that help with this which they use to determine what each of us will want to see.
Not everything will we ever know . . . one time I was visiting with Mark Conley in our video production room (with my phone in my pocket) and Mark said, “I’d really like to attend a conference on mixing sound for professional video production” AND GUESS WHAT! An ad popped up in my Instagram feed for EXACTLY what Mark had said!

In order for engagement to happen, people need to comment or participate- this is where you come in. Liking the post  helps but  not as much as commenting (or leaving an emoji)  - the more comments it gets the more it helps the posts to be seen which will help with engagement. Up until now we have only really seen social media as a way to promote events but there is potential for MUCH MORE!
So, if you don't mind helping by commenting or leaving an emoji - whatever the post calls for would be SO HELPFUL and will help lead the way for other people to begin to engage.

What a fun way to reach out, touch lives, and grow people to know, love, and serve Jesus!

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