Meet You At The Ramada

How wonderful & pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity. Psalm 133:1

Beginning this Fall, several new opportunities to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus and connect with other people will be coming your way!
In an attempt to make better use of the ramada connection space, we are offering two different types of gatherings and the main difference is that in one type we provide the food and the other it is available for purchase. I hope to use this blog to help you know what to expect so that you can enjoy both.
1.) When you see BBQ, the food is always FREE.  On Mother’s Day we provided free specialty coffees and we promoted Father’s Day as a BBQ. For those kinds of events, free food is part of the attraction and we use it to help attract “new” people to church. Project Serve is another event where lunch will be provided free of charge
2.) For “Meet You at the Ramada”, the goal is slightly different. The main attraction isn’t food but it is better relationships between people who are already attending TMC. Of course everyone is welcome and the fun and games are a great opportunity for you to invite new friends (and we hope you will) but the main focus is on relationships and we attempt to get food trucks to come in so that if you want something to eat you can purchase it.
This way, we can offer more events. As you may have heard me mention a couple of years ago, we eventually hope to be able to add TVs so the men out there will want to gather and watch football games during the NFL season. That takes money and engineering to purchase the equipment and protect it from theft.
This Sunday July  24th  IS “MEET YOU AT THE RAMADA.” There will be corn hole , bounce houses & free snow cones!  Bam Bam BBQ will be here this Sunday (July 24th). Their menu is down below so you can take a peek and see what they will have. It was difficult to find a food truck willing and available to come. We did have to pay an amount to get them to come as a guarantee. Our hope is that food trucks will start competing for our business when they start coming!
In a church of our size, we don’t expect anyone to know everyone BUT we want everyone to know someone and those relationships often become the glue keeping someone on their journey towards Jesus!
I hope I will see YOU at the ramada and that you will not only enjoy the opportunity to connect with others but that you will provide others with the opportunity to connect with YOU!

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