Global Leadership Summit returns to TMC

7 Day Countdown Begins!

It’s not too late! Sure you missed the discounts but the biggest loss will be in missing out on this growth opportunity!

Pray that God will give you a sensitivity for what He wants you to see and hear! Pray for others as well that they will not be hindered from coming and that they too will come ready to receive what God has for them. Pray that people who are not following Jesus will start at the Summit this year!

3. COME!
Don’t let anything keep you from attending! The schedule is as follows: Thursday- 9:00am to 4:30pm (approx) and Friday: 9:00am to 3:00pm (approx)

Notice what catches your attention and inquire of the Lord, “Is that for me?” I take two categories of notes: 1) Content and 2) Action Steps.

Each evening, Kim and I usually debrief together with “What stood out to you?” Then I also have debriefing sessions with the church staff and our elders where we share “Top Action Steps.” In those sessions we all come with three things that we believe God intends for us to begin doing.

PLEASE NOTE: The location of GLS has switched back to the TMC campus. Due to some unforeseen circumstances in VMBC getting the technology of their beautiful new building ready, we are sad to announce that the location has been moved back to our campus because of insufficient time to fully test their A/V system to the point where we could guarantee (as much as possible) a quality experience for our guests.
Two recent emails from our International Strategic Partner in the Philippines
Dear Pastor Randy,
I would appreciate if you please pray for intense ministry activities to reach out to young people. We need your prayers for the development of the campsite. The session hall is our  priority to build this time. The last time we rented a facility for the youth camp. We are praying to have our own so that our time of activities will not be restricted. Please pray that God will provide for such need.

I received a text from our island pastors who had been hit by the typhoons and they asked for help.
Its a blessings to hear them do their ministry in spite of the odds and suffering that they went through.
Our ministry training went well with the workers and pastors last week. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.
May God bless you richly.
In His grace,
Dear Pastor Randy,
The youth camp this month has been successful. Attached are just a few of the pictures of the youth camp. We rented a facility for 3 days to accommodate  the youth.The camp has been a great success that it transformed the minds and hearts of the young people.  Please pray that the seed of the Word God down to their hearts will flourish and bring them to a place of fruitfulness in their spiritual walk. We addressed youth issues to answer some of their questions regarding their new found faith in Christ.
Please pray that God will bless their families through them.
May God bless you richly.
in His grace,

“How to Pray -  A Simple Approach”
Here is the PRAY  acrostic shared last week’s message:
1. Praise - Remember who you’re talking to
2. Repent - Recognize who we are
3. Ask - Request what you think you need
4. Yield - Receive what God has for you

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