Fiscal Year End Financial Report


August was the start of our new fiscal year.  Each year the process of forming the next Ministry Plan and Budget (as we call it) kicks off after Easter and culminates with the Elders final approval in June or July.

Kristal Bartelds is our accountant, and her job description can be summarized as, “Guard the confidence of our donors!” and she does a fantastic job of accounting for every cent that comes in and goes out of TMC. She also meets with members of the staff to manage cash flow which has been particularly tricky in the past year and a half.

We treasure every gift and every dollar given to our General Fund as it expands our ability to fulfill our mission of Reaching out, Touching Lives, and Growing People to Know, Love, and Serve Jesus!

We finished the year with an income of $756,057 which was 16.27% under budget. We were able to adjust but still ran a slight deficit of $5,692 or 0.75% (“three quarters of one percent”).

Every staff member works very hard to honor the investments made by our donors to the point that we have begun writing in every Ministry (“job”) Description, “Help make TMC a great place to invest a life-changing dollar. Build ROI in appreciation for those whose generosity to the Lord have invested in the ministry of TMC.”

FOR EXAMPLE . . . (in the areas of facilities, programming, outreach, urgent care, and special offerings)


  1. Our Mortgage Balance was reduced from $645,270 to $366,415 (current balance is $340,415 as of 8/19/21)
  2. The Ramada was completed and has been in use.
  3. A large grill & folding chairs were purchased for Ramada.
  4. The sand volleyball court was built.
  5. Repairs to the roof, AC, ice machine, and hopefully a final solution for our bee problem was reached!
  6. The audio/video system for the modular was updated for a quality experience in our “Mask Only room.”
  7. An excellent Drum Cage enhanced the weekend worship experience.
  8. Equipment to improve our video editing, computer network and projection were acquired.


  1. Jamie Jamgochian came to visit and lead worship at a time when our team needed a break but also to give encouragement and training.
  2. Our Engage process was improved to help people find their place and be productive as Ministry Partners of TMC.
  3. We are giving education assistance to two employees who are completing their bachelor’s degrees.
  4. Graham Yost and Jeff Brundidge were great additions to our staff (Discipleship Pastor & Next Gen Pastor)
  5. Several successful Student Ministry Outreach events were held (Color Wars, Pilgrim Games, Lumberjack Games, Christmas Party, Park Night Event, Campfire Nights, High School & Middle School Discipleship Retreat) and a great passion for discipleship is growing among our students!
  6. Children’s ministry attendance is on the rise. (Started the year at 61, ended at 91, 49% increase)
  7. There were 67 new givers in the last twelve months!
  8. Dinner was provided for our monthly First Tuesday Prayer nights. (Attendance started at 36, ended at 62, increase of 72%)
  9. Provided The Global Leadership Summit for our church and community.


  1. Purchased motorcycle for Pastor Satyam - ANM
  2. Paid for burial expenses for Pastor A in Philippines.
  3. Provided extra support to Casa, Love Justice International, Philippines, Wycliffe, and Ethnos 360 as part of our special offerings matching budget.
  4. Sent support to: ANM, CareNet, Casa Esperanza, Lori’s Place, KWRB, MOPS, Ethnos 360, Peach’s Pantry, Wycliffe, Love Justice International, and Philippines.
  5. There were numerous community outreach events - Trunk or Treat, Co-ed softball team in the city league, 14 volunteer work projects completed in our community, Project Graduation, 312 Mother’s Day coffees, and a Father’s Day BBQ using the new connection space under the ramada.

Urgent Care

  1. 101 families received benevolence (includes gas cards)
  2. 84 counseling sessions
  3. Pantry - 367 households representing 1123 people served with the 7,484 items you donated!

Special Offerings & Designated Giving

  1. Christmas Offering - Carenet $10,292 + over $1,500 in designated giving
  2. Easter Offering - Echoing Hope Ranch $12,674
  3. Wycliffe - $1,700 in designated giving
  4. Peach’s Pantry - $1,300 in designated giving
  5. Lori’s Place - contributed $27,665 to Lori’s place this fiscal year as part of our 10% outreach for our capital campaign + $1,500 in designated giving
  6. Casa Esperanza - $8,570 in designated giving
  7. The “For SV” fund helped people in our community experience the love of Jesus by coffees provided for school staff members, cookies & donuts for the police department, supplies provided to Huachuca Mountain Elementary School after the vandalism that occurred there, and we delivered pizza to the Douglas prison staff.


For the new Ministry Plan that began on August 1, we have a new norm for our next year's budget of $793,000 that accounts for 4.89% growth from last year’s actual income but a 12.2% decrease.

For August, attendance was up 52% over August of last year but giving was still lagging as people have been in a time of many transitions.  

A big part of our income is derived from your automated giving that is set up through your bank or our website. To save money, we recently changed our online giving platform from Pushpay to Subsplash but in the process, we lost eighteen donors who did not switch over which resulted in projected lost income of $3,115 a month for the general fund and $693 for Relentless Love.

Thank you to those who have automated your giving for it not only provides consistency for you as the donor, but it provides stability throughout the year as we Reach Out, Touch Lives, and Grow People to Know, Love, and Serve Jesus!

THANK YOU for the ways you invest! I firmly believe that 2021 will be the best year yet in the history of Thunder Mountain Church!
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