A question I get asked frequently has been, “When will we be able to build the new worship building?” I’ve got good news to share with you in the form of a significant milestone in preparation for that moment.
Since the completion of Relentless Love, $103,756 has continued to be given to the Building Fund by those who want to help TMC be able to build again, which we hope to announce plans in the Spring.
Yesterday, when Kristal mailed out the weekly financials to staff and elders, she was excited to share that after all recent building improvements were paid, we were able to make a significant payment towards the principle which reduced our mortgage to $70,706.07!
It’s incredible when I look at how God has blessed us financially especially over the past ten years! We refinanced $1.2M in 2012, added $1M of improvements to our property in the last few years and now, the remaining balance is significantly under $100,000!
People see “standing room only” for Jesus many weeks during the 9:30 service and our only chance to be able to build is to pay off this mortgage and WE ARE GETTING SO CLOSE!
I love how so many people are concerned about making room for more people! Kim and I are among those who support both the General Fund that funds our mission and the Building Fund that funds our future. It’s such a joy to be part of this and to be able to celebrate this moment together!
Something special to me is how through our three capital initiatives, we have been able to stay focused on ministry! I’m genuinely excited to see how God grows us as we prepare to climb the next mountain!
If you want to help finish this off, earmark any special offerings “Building Fund” either online or on your envelope and we will celebrate the great things the Lord is preparing to do through us!

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