...but to Serve

...the Son of Man Did not Come to be Served, but to Serve...

Beginning in 2015, with the exception of one year (2017), we have canceled our regular worship gatherings to go serve in our surrounding neighbors.
The Golden Acres community has been especially grateful for our work! For instance, one year, the person who had been mowing the median in front of our property sent us a letter that they would no longer be mowing the grass for free and when that was made known to the Golden Acres HOA, the response was that person was told, “You said that you’re not going to do that for the church who helps us? We received an apology and an assurance that it would continue free of charge.
There have also been many thank you notes over the years that have communicated how we have touched the hearts of the people we have served. 
Our mission is to ”reach out, touch lives, and grow people to know love and serve Jesus.”  My question is HOW do people experience the love of Jesus? I’ve concluded from Jesus’ teachings that the ONLY way the love of Jesus is experienced is when someone is given something they don’t deserve in Jesus’ name.
Another reason we do this is to emphasize our values to ourselves and our community! Many people think that churches are selfish clubs who gather every week for “church.” Project Serve makes a statement that, as important as our worship gatherings are, they aren’t what makes us a “church.”  
Many people ask themselves (about the church they attend), “If we didn’t exist, who would miss us?” We asked that same question and then did something that people would miss.  Our prayer is that people will know that because we love Jesus and we love them, then conclude  Jesus loves them as well.
We have enough people to help with the kitchen but we are lagging in the number of people to go serve at the homes.
This year, we have 23 home projects and would like to have at least six people serving at each site.  We will need a lot more people than are currently signed up so if you are at all able, PLEASE come on out, get your hands dirty, and watch how God uses YOU to love our neighbors!
September 3, 2023
Thunder Mountain Church
7:30-8:00am
Gather to pray at 8:00am
Depart to serve at 8:15am

Worship Arts Director
Nothing to report here. Please pray that God will call someone to live in this beautiful part of the world where it is such a great place to do church! I get frustrated to hear that people want to live where they can get the most out of THIS life when there is such a great opportunity to invest in ETERNAL life. Pray that God will CALL someone here able to lead this ministry and that those who are looking for a “job” will continue to eliminate themselves.

Guest Services Director
The Guest Services Director will lead the guest services ministry teams, to include kitchen, hosting, catering, security and events teams to give TMC the best hospitality possible.  
The position will require a team builder. It will require a leader who can take a new guest from their very first visit all the way to being a fully engaged ministry partner.

Communications Director
The Communications Director is responsible for helping people see who TMC is from our website to social media platforms. They show what it is like to be a part of TMC. They create engaging slides to promote what is happening at TMC. They work to get TMC's name out into the community so that people will have a desire to come to know, love and serve Jesus.
If you or someone you know might be interested in one of these staff positions, please visit here

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