Global Leadership Summit

The Experience Was Incredible...

GLS ( Global Leardership Summit) - My Testimony
I first attended the Global Leadership Summit in 2007 at the invitation of two business leaders in Albuquerque, NM. The experience was incredible and I spent the rest of the year trying to implement SOME of what I learned.
The next two years, we took about a dozen people to GLS at Central Christian Church in Mesa. We stayed up there and debriefed and found that it was so much more beneficial to have a team experience what I experienced the year before. It was the second year in Mesa that my wife Kim attended her first Summit with me and she hasn’t missed since! Even in a year that she changed jobs and had to take “LWOP” (leave without pay), she considered it ‘WORTH IT!”

In 2010 we had the opportunity to host GLS ourselves with the now defunct satellite broadcast company called Church Communications Network. For the cost of taking a dozen people to Mesa, we were able to give the experience to FIFTY people!
The following year, The Willow Creek Association, began reaching out to rural areas of the country and made it possible for us to become an official “Host Site” which we have done now for the last 12 years! We annually have almost 100 people from our church experience the Summit!
For me personally, the Lord has grown me, my leadership and the church through this event probably more than anything other than my own personal prayer and bible study!
For example, prior to the Summit in the area of outreach, very little local outreach was being done and the issues where often cast as “liberal” or “conservative” BUT GOD, through the Summit erased those distinctions and now we have “Biblical Compassion” and we grow each year in what we see being done here!

Will You Consider Attending GLS?
I hope you can make it! The Global Leadership Summit has been a non-negotiable for Kim and myself and I encourage you to do the same. Before the end of each Summit, we already have the next one blocked out and the tickets purchased. She and I use our own money for this and purchase more for friends and family so that the church can help others to attend who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend. Now, we have friends that we introduced to GLS buying registrations for others and the legacy grows!
With mostly COVID- related struggles, the prices have risen significantly this year. Kim and I still bought five tickets and TMC is still buying a significant number but our investment there won’t go as far as in the past. This is where YOU come in. Register for TWO. Register yourself NOW and get an extra for someone else (use your own email address for both). You can can leave the second one “open” and pray about who to invite or let me know and will help you fill it!

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