Easter At Thunder Mountain

Are You Willing to Feel a Little Uncomfortable...

Thunder Mountain
Saturday*- 4:00pm
Sunday -8:00am, 9:30am, and 11:00am
* for Easter only
Easter is an every Sunday celebration at TMC but there is something special about coming to celebrate on THE day. Attendances in most churches are at their peak on this day for two reasons: 1) A high percentage of “regulars” are sure to come AND 2) People who seldom if ever go to church will think about coming because it’s Easter.

We aren’t a church where you will EVER hear anyone in leadership joke or speak sarcastically about people who may only come to church on Christmas or Easter. We WANT them to come here and we do EVERYTHING we can to encourage them to return.
Here are some simple ways you can help people to want to return after Easter!
Can you come on Saturday? 
Our 9:30 worship gathering is crowded every Sunday, we anticipate “standing room only for Jesus!”. We have had people leave because they couldn’t find a seat in the past and unless you’re serving or meeting guests on Sunday, can you come worship on Saturday that weekend?

Will you sit further from the aisles? 
These days, it doesn’t take much for a room to feel full. What I have noticed over the years is that it’s not available seating as much as accessible seating that will make someone feel comfortable in new surroundings. To help with that, WE can pass up the aisle seats, scoot in towards the middle of the row so our guests can find their seats.

Are you willing to feel a little uncomfortable to help someone else feel a little more comfortable?Your kind gesture can be THE difference in someone’s decision to return or even hear and respond to the life-changing message of the resurrection!

Will you park further from the building? So many “little” factors are part of a person’s decision on whether or not to return. If you can, let’s save the closest parking spots for our new guests and many THAT will make the difference in someone returning who could possibly begin a legacy of faith from one generation to the next that would at its root, have a relatively small act of kindness BY YOU!

Who will you invite? 
Did you get your Easter Invite Cards last Sunday? Two weekends from now will be Easter and two weekends ago, I encouraged everyone to ask God for five people they could invite for Easter and last weekend, invitation cards were handed out to help make it easier to do.

Easter Outreach Offering. 
The mission of the Boulder Crest Foundation (bouldercrest.org) is “helping veterans, first responders, and their families rediscover hope, purpose, and a future that is truly worth living despite the tramas they specifically have faced. We want to give a gift in Jesus’ name so that those seeking a path back to health can find it! If you would like to contribute, visit our website or use #EasterOffering on your check.

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