Happy New Year!

What Would it Take for 2023 to Be a Happy New Year for You?

Happy New Year!
What are you hoping this year will bring for you? I believe each new year and the promises of hope that it brings are a gift from God!

What would it take for 2023 to be a HAPPY NEW YEAR for you? The chances are you probably know what it would take, but we might be either unwilling or unable to do it.

Do you know what we call those things that prevent us from experiencing God’s best in our lives? DISTRACTIONS! That is what we are calling our new message series that will run through February 5, where we will talk about common distractions which thwart our desires to get closer to God

I don’t know what you’ve tried or what you think you should do but what I want to encourage you with is that the answer isn’t found in pleasing other people or living for yourself!
The answer has to be God!

I hope you can join us this Sunday!

Christmas Offering Results
You were incredibly generous AGAIN! The final contributions to fund our food pantry this year in light of the increased demands were Grand total = $22, 465.60!!!
Those are designated funds and every penny will go for the purpose for which it was collected and everyone is excited about the possibilities for not
only meeting the demands on this ministry but being able to expand our reach in our community.
As a way to increase our giving to our Strategic Partners and to incentivize people to “get off the bench” and join the discipleship process, we are going to give $10 for every new Connection Card received. Each quarter we will select a different Strategic Partner to bless financially in this way.
This quarter, we are featuring Care Net and this will be in addition to the support we give them every month. They are in the process of expanding their services throughout the county. If you want to learn more about their efforts to bring hope and good news to those experiencing crisis through pregnancy, check out their website

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