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Dangerous Prayers (January)

The most important thing we will do today is pray! (TMC Axiom)
Throughout January our messages will be focused on prayer. If you want encouragement to make prayer the most important part of your day, watch or listen to last week’s message here.

Coming up will be three messages on prayers that some might describe as dangerous, but we want to grow in our faith to the point that we pray ANY prayer with complete confidence that God will answer in a way that is for our good and His glory!

This Sunday’s message will give us a simple daily prayer that will help bring about the daily surrender we desire as Christ-followers.

“The Last Eyewitness” (begins February 6)

Tradition says that The Apostle John was the last to die of those who walked with Jesus. We often talk about the transformation that Jesus brought about in John’s life and in this series we will follow on his journey of faith as he learned who Jesus was by watching what Jesus did.
Leading up to Easter will be to accept the simple invitation of Jesus to “Come and See!”

Because last year’s series on Paul (“An Unexpected Journey”) was surprisingly powerful and effective as we followed Paul on his journey to discovery, we thought we would try the same process with John. I believe that as we see what John saw, we too will grow in our faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God just like John. I hope you can join us!

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