Relentless Love


Just three years ago we launched the third capital initiative in the history of TMC with the dual purposes of expanding our children’s ministry area and to prepare to build again.

We more than tripled the space available, provided needed facilities to enhance our children and student ministries, reclaimed our land previously needed for the septic tanks and leach field, AND reduced the overall indebtedness in the process!

Here are some interesting statistics to celebrate!
LOOK at the progress made during the time of our last two capital initiatives! We have paid off over TWO MILLION DOLLARS! (Please note that these statistics are through November 8, 2021).


“Relentless Love” Open Through End Of The Year

There is so much to celebrate right now with so many of you facing wind and waves but keeping your eyes on Jesus relentlessly while allowing God to build the faith of a great church. But we believe God has more for us that will require us to not only eliminate debt but accumulate capital in advance of our next initiative planned for Easter of 2023. This is where we will develop this campus by building the needed worship and connection space and make the current facilities a secure “children/student” ministry facility.

“Building Fund” Replaces “Relentless Love” in January

If you’d like to help make that happen, you can continue to give to Relentless Love through the end of the year and then join Kim and I, beginning in January, by contributing to the “Building Fund” for the next 15 months to get a running start!

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