You Will Seek Me and Find Me

When You Seek Me With All Your Heart (Jeremiah 29:13)

We will miss you George!
George Lameyer passed away on Tuesday, March 8, 2022. I wanted to highlight why I thought he was a special man. He was someone who though he didn’t carry a title or a position of leadership, he was a man who we are very proud to point to as one of the  “success stories” of our church.
George came to TMC in 2012 at the age of 58. While most people trace the roots of their faith to their childhood, circumstances of life led George to come through our doors.
He came seeking a new beginning and he found new life! He was baptized a couple weeks after Easter the next year on April 15, 2013. He attended and then hosted a small group led by Robert Whan and Stuart Engle. I participated in those groups with him for a few years.
He and Jill were married on December 10, 2016 and though their time together was much shorter than they had hoped, what they brought out in each other was a passion for serving Jesus! They would take trips and explore different ministry opportunities, each time with a focus on where they could best serve their Lord and they loved serving together!
When George developed a problem with his esophagus, none of us suspected cancer and when the worst became reality, the years quickly shrank to days but I watched George and Jill cherish each hour they were able to spend together as a gift from God!

I visited George in the hospital,  and what I saw is best described as “clarity.” Though he understood that he was terminal, the kindness and love that poured forth from this man spoke volumes of what he found in his faith journey!  What he had been seeking ten years before, it was now clearly evident that what he had found was the abundant life! What I witnessed was a man who understood that he was put on earth to know, love, and serve Jesus and to glorify Him which he did right up to his last breath!
We are a better church because George Lameyer came and I was blessed to have witnessed his journey!


Grace M Romero - March 22nd, 2022 at 3:16pm

Such a great man truly gonna miss him him and Jill were perfect together God bless him will miss him

Robbi Cleveland - March 22nd, 2022 at 6:10pm

Randy, that was definitely who George was and he was an amazing man of God! I am thankful that I met George and Jill, they brought such joy to everyone they encountered! He is in the best place ever now!❤