Bulldozers, and Excavators and Traffic Cones -Oh My!

“What’s the construction along the church property?”

Just like we had to connect to the city sewer, Veritas Christian Community School had to as well. Veritas is newly relocated in the old K&R Ranch building near us on Highway 92.
Their sewer line runs down the backside of their property and along Monsanto Road- which connects with Golden Acres Drive near our Ministry Support Center (what we call our office building).
The work has temporarily disrupted our convenient parking area along Golden Acres but they should be finished in the next week or two. The workers have been very kind and considerate of our needs so please smile and wave whenever you see them working.
We did buy donuts for our workers last Friday, not knowing that they wouldn’t be working. Graham and I took the donuts up to the new Circle K. While there, we met a nice young man from Phoenix who asked about our church - then we asked him to take our picture inside. Lol!
When we say “Reaching out, touching lives, and growing people to know, love, and serve Jesus” those touches occur in a variety of ways and our spirit of generosity doesn’t have to cost a lot to speak loudly about the love of Jesus!

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Karen Cummings - March 17th, 2022 at 11:38pm

I meet so many believers everyday. When i am led to speak about Jesus to others and extend that invitation to check out ThunderMountain church that brings me so much Joy.