Everything Christmas!

The Christmas Season is Here!

Even though December 1 was one of the warmest December days on record, it’s beginning to feel like Christmas! To help, you will find the building decorated for Christmas with lights and trees, garland and wreaths! We will also begin our Christmas series this week!

“Through a Child’s Eyes” Christmas Series

I hope you can join us as we get ready for Christmas in what will be a fun series as we reach back to recapture the view of Christmas as it appeared to be when we were children by asking questions a child would ask and then answering them in a way that incorporates the innocence of children with the awareness and maybe some cynicism as an adult. If you can make it, I think you will really appreciate how these messages will help prepare your heart to celebrate a special Christmas season!

Christmas Eve Gathering Times

Thursday, December 23 - 5:30pm
Friday, December 24, - 2:30, 4:00, and 5:30pm

We would love to be part of your Christmas celebration! Come for a few Christmas songs, a short “peer into the manger” message, and communion! There will also be a photo booth to get a family picture as well as Christmassy refreshments! Our excellent Baking Team is at their best each Christmas season!

Christmas Offering

Each year you are so generous with our Christmas outreach offering! This year is highlighting a great cause! One of our Local Strategic Partners is expanding in two other locations in Cochise County!
We want to help CareNet Crisis Pregnancy Service raise money to expand into Tombstone and Douglas! With Mexico’s recent Supreme Court ruling, access to abortions with few restrictions will be enticing to many people to cross the border,  like they already have been, seeking dentists and doctors for years! CareNet wants to help prevent the eventual heartache and regrets by providing a clinic near the border, and you can help make good news and hope more accessible in other parts of our county!
Please be as generous as you can by using the “Christmas Offering” and let’s help in a big way to get those new clinics established for CareNet of Cochise County!

Year-End Giving Opportunities

If you are looking for a place to give a year-end gift to TMC, please consider a gift to Relentless Love to help eliminate the remaining mortgage debt! We are $11,000 away from our first $1 Million Capital Initiative and within $274,000 of our Gold Goal of eliminating ALL debt!
Our desire isn’t just to be debt free but it is to pave the way to provide the worship and connection space that we need and to allow our current facilities to become dedicated, secure children and student space!
Our most significant capital initiative is being planned for Easter of 2023 but all existing debt will have to be eliminated and a significant Building Fund established before it can begin.
“Relentless Love” will end at the end of this year and the “Building Fund” will be re-established in its place. Kim and I met our RL goal and we are continuing to give half of that amount for the purpose of helping pave the way for the next project. We invite you to consider a year-end gift and then help get a running start toward our next project to kick off in about 16 months from now.

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