New Service Times This Week!

8:00am - 9:30am - 11:00am 
(nursery and children’s ministry available at each gathering)

With our two Sunday worship gatherings packing out like pre-COVID, it has been apparent that more space was needed.

When questions about adding another service began being asked, I answered with, “We will add a service when all of the ministries needed to support a third gathering could be fully staffed."

We finally drew “a line in the sand,” mostly as a step of faith to set a goal when that criteria would be met, knowing that God wouldn’t provide all we needed (in the way of volunteers) until we took the step that required them, so here we are! ONE WEEK AWAY!

Serving Opportunities!

  1. Children’s Ministry (
  2. Guest Services - baking, kitchen, and hosting ( 
  3. Worship Arts ( 

The elements of each gathering will be the same and each will have ministry to children but at the 8:00am worship gathering, the children will meet in a large group setting as we get a feel for how many will be coming with children at the new early service time.


We kept this room open longer primarily because we knew that the attendance at the worship gatherings in our main auditorium did not allow the social distancing that those who frequent the Masks Only services would prefer.  It is my expectation that the 8:00a.m will allow those who desire, to be able to maintain a comfortable distance so the Masks Only Room will be discontinued and the space it utilized in the modular will be returned for the use of the children’s ministry.


Megan Shedd started last week as our new Communications Strategist! She is as excited to be in this role as we are to have her! She has served alongside her husband David in leading a Connect Group and she has also recently begun serving as the Hosting Coordinator. When you come into contact with her, you will be touched by her kindness and her servant’s heart! Her position is part-time and will serve the following core functions.

Communications Strategist’s Core Functions
  1. Develop and execute strategic church-wide communication and promotion plan.
  2. Monitor, update, and maintain TMC website and social media platforms. 
  3. Serve as branding champion to make sure all promotion and publication is aligned with TMC’s brand.
  4. Help make TMC the best place to give a life-changing dollar (this is in everyone’s Ministry Description because of the way we value each donor to the ministry).

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