Thunder Mountain Happenings

Let Me Catch You Up!

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged so I think I should just catch you up on a number of things that have happened and what’s going on.


What a great Easter we had! The Good Friday Prayer Walk that Dave Gibbs planned was an incredible experience and on Sunday, Justin gave a clear and compelling presentation of the Gospel!
What a joy it was to present such a generous gift of $11,075 to Boulder Crest “in Jesus’ name” for the work they do in supporting veterans, first responders, and their families who are dealing with the effects of trauma!  You can see the video on Instagram and Facebook.
Adult attendance is almost back to where it was pre-COVID. We had a total four service attendance of 930 which was actually 94% of our last pre-COVID Easter attendance (the number of adults was actually higher this year and children was lower). There were also ten first time guests who turned in cards and one wanting to have a discussion about baptism. In addition, four people gave financially for the first time to the life and ministry of TMC and two of those were to the building fund!

Mother's Day

Wasn’t Mother’s Day at TMC fun! Rather than give flowers, we invited professional barista’s to come and serve complimentary specialty coffees and how fun it was to watch so many people enjoy connecting with each other under the ramada adjacent to the playground!
We are planning more events in the months ahead including a Father’s Day BBQ!


Our fiscal year runs August through July. We kick off the process by giving each ministry leader a “Dream Sheet” to think about what God might want to do in their ministry in those twelve months which is followed up with projecting the cost to fund that ministry.
Each year, we evaluate EVERYTHING, looking for what may be losing effectiveness and evaluating where we can provide the maximum return on your investment here. In addition, we pray and seek the Lord for what He would have us do.
On the calendar for the next fiscal year are plans to begin separate events designed for men and women, a special Sunday each month where food will be served under the ramada after worship gatherings, bi-monthly events to equip parents, as well as to expand the offerings of classes to go along with the financial classes that Joe Farmer has been doing.  We are also looking at more ways to facilitate differing churches coming together as well.
That’s a lot and I’m excited to tell you more about it as plans continue to unfold but right now you can look forward to Sunday BBQ’s on Father’s Day (June 19) as well as Sunday, July 3!

Giving has been so strong this year that we are being bold in the new initiatives as well as disciplining ourselves to begin increasing what we pay on our mortgage in preparation to build again! Thank you to those who are also giving to the Building Fund! Multiple people are giving weekly which is vital if we are to build the facilities that we believe are needed to provide the ministry our community needs! The existing mortgage is down to $160,066 (that’s a lot of sixes!).

I’ve never been more excited about what God is doing and the future He is preparing for TMC! I invite you to make the journey of a lifetime!
More to come!

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