Florine Tuggle

"Her Hope Has Become  Reality"

With joy and sadness, I must announce that sweet Florine Tuggle passed away on Tuesday evening, November 1st. She and her husband Joseph (who passed away in 2018) were with TMC since our first official service on Easter of 1990. Among the many lives she touched was that of our daughter Cara. When Cara was a little girl, Florine was her Sunday School teacher. Kim and I, as well as both of our daughters adored Florine and we experienced nothing but love from her in the decades that they knew her.
Kim and I can’t begin to convey the depth of gratitude and appreciation that we both felt for Florine in the more than 32 years we knew her. She grew up as an only child to a single mother in Louisiana and grew a deep and profound faith in Jesus that carried her through in her life. We have always known her as having a huge capacity to love people but in recent years, in our own attempt to gain insights into the racial tensions in our country, we began to ask more questions and what we learned was heartbreaking and eye opening.
She battled cancer throughout 2022 and the treatments were brutal! Each time we spoke, she proclaimed her faith in Jesus and the “trust God period” faith that we celebrate as a church. She wanted to remain for the sake of her family she loved so much but she was always willing and eager to go see Jesus whenever her time would come. Her time came Tuesday evening,
November 1, at 10:21 pm
Our lives were immeasurably enriched and blessed by this very special lady. We miss her and rejoice for her because, as Dave Gibbs wrote to me, “HER HOPE HAS BECOME REALITY.” FINALLY!

Her viewing will take place Friday , November 11th from 4 - 7pm at Jensen’s Mortuary.
Florine’s funeral service will be at 10am on Saturday, November 12th at Thunder Mountain Church. 

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