The Story Bible Challenge Results

Learning to Read the Word 

Awhile back Jeff issued “The Story Bible Challenge.”  Students were challenged to read a chapter a week with a gift to the “winner” as an incentive to participate.
The Story Bible is basically an abridged version of the Bible in chronological order using the NIV text. I’ve read it through before and recommend it as a great way to get an overview of the Bible, especially for anyone who has attempted to read through the Bible from cover to cover and died in the “deserts of Leviticus.”
Several of us gave financially so that every student who completed the Story Bible Challenge would be able to enjoy the “prize” which was $150 to spend however their parents approved.
Here's a list of the students who completed 11 chapters or more in The Story Bible!
Bekah Blake
Darius Diehl
Conner Dimerling
Clara Dimerling
Gabe Galindo
Rand Hinkle
Grace McPeak
Trevor Rudolph
Kalie Pedersen
Learning to “feed yourself”
Learning to “feed yourself” is SO critical in anyone’s relationship with God and a hallmark of TMC.  I’m delighted that kids in our student ministry are learning to do that now!

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