Partnering in the Journey

...we want your time in the desert to set you up to THRIVE in your relationship with God!


Whether you are here a week or a lifetime, we want your time in the desert to set you up to THRIVE in your relationship with God!
There are three stages of involvement for people at Thunder Mountain Church: gather, engage, deploy. People can gather and remain anonymous as long as they’d like but the journey to experiencing God in a significant way here begins when you decide to “engage” with the life and ministry of TMC.
Two of the biggest challenges in leading a church are:
1. Building a cohesive team with people who come with many different expectations of what church is about!
2. Giving more authority and responsibility to people you hardly know while they are here, and at the same time faithfully shepherding (“protecting”) the people they will teach and lead.
Our solution to both of these challenges has been Ministry Partnership and the opportunity to partner with us comes through a class we used to call “engage.”
In recent years, the influx of new Ministry Partners became scant and for the past several months, we put everything on hold to revise this process and what we have come up with is similar but with a focus on the work God has been doing and how you can partner with HIM.
This is NOT “church membership” but it is a way to let us know you want to travel with us in the direction God is leading us and, as a result, this allows us to entrust you with more ministry responsibilities than someone who chooses not to “partner” with us.
Because we want you to thrive in your time here in the desert with us, the new name of this experience is being called “Thrive! Partnering with us in the journey.”
You can pre-register NOW for its debut on September 18! I hope that in the next few months YOU will be able to attend and formally declare your partnership with us!


Morganne Bovee - September 15th, 2022 at 1:52pm

I just don't know how TMC can continue to write posts like this on a blog and on social media but then fail to recognize how you've failed to practice what you write, or at a minimum apologize (genuinely) to the ministry partners that you've hurt and left unsupported. I spent months loving on kids in the nursery and contributing to building a meaningful community outside of these 4 walls, and by baking for the welcome committee, and then was gaslighted and ignored when I needed support instead of offering it. I'm so sad to say I know so many others who had a similar experience here. When people who have so much to offer (and years of experience offering their skill set to local ministry) decide to "partner" with you, you should also partner with them and that means being the hands and feet of Christ when life turns upside down. Where is TMC when "partners" aren't thriving?

Tessa Galindo - September 15th, 2022 at 4:26pm

Hi Morganne, sorry you have felt hurt by the church. We are all human and at some point everyone will feel let down by “the church”. I think recognizing that everyone is human and capable of not being able to live up to everyone’s expectation is helpful. Thank goodness for grace. None of us deserve anything, yet Jesus still gave His life for us, a sinful, fallen, broken human. If he can have grace and forgiveness for us then who are we to hold on to unforgiveness? I believe your small group here at TMC acted as the church and took great care of you. We can thank God for that, even if you felt let down by others. Thank you for how you served while you were here! It always matters!