End of Year Giving

Building Initiative Update


The facilities we have represent the faith and sacrifice of many people over many years. The Lord has literally touched hundreds of  thousands of lives since this building opened in 2008 through our investments!
Recognizing the need to build a larger worship center and provide a secure children’s facility and more connection space, we have been building wisely and paying off debt. It’s incredible to realize that in the last ten years we have invested around $2.5M (including principal payments and cash payments in the Relentless Love capital initiative) and now our  mortgage is down to only $54,402.37!
We are SO CLOSE, and it’s possible to pay it off by the end of the year and when we do, the gifts to our building fund will grow and grow!
Many who see our practically standing room only for Jesus at the 9:30 gathering  have asked me, “When are we going to build again?” That announcement will officially come this coming Spring but in the meantime many are giving every month to the Building Fund and delighting in watching our principle shrink away!
If you would like to help retire our mortgage debt by the end of the year, please consider designating a year-end gift to the Building Fund. You can do that here.

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