Project Serve

What Is Project Serve?

Every organization should ask itself, “If we closed our doors, who would notice?”

Have you ever wrestled with that?  We have, and on every Labor Day, Sunday, we cancel services and send volunteers to several work projects in our community in an event we call Project Serve!

All of our gatherings are opportunities for life changing encounters with the living God whether or not we are in the church building.

Want to know something that I think is funny about church? When we hold Sunday “services” we ask people to sit down and listen when I think serving ought to be “get up and do.”

For one Sunday things will be different as a reminder of what the church is about and how outreach is the heartbeat of TMC!

I believe that service is the way to evangelize in the 21st century. People know “talk is cheap” and they have heard a lot of people say a lot of things about God but serving is a way to demonstrate the love of God in ways that people can see AND hear.

If you want to serve, PLEASE SIGN UP! When you come on that Sunday morning for Project Serve, it will help a lot to already have you on a service team.

If you want to help but can’t work on yard projects, there are plenty of support roles you can fill here on campus. Click below or visit the table under the canopy this Sunday to sign up!


Back in 2016, our Easter Offering was about $5,000 with a purpose to help bring the Global Leadership Summit to people who couldn’t otherwise host the event. While we haven’t been able to get GLS into the prison in Douglas or to the city of Hermosillo, Mexico like we originally planned, we did use some of those funds ($1,500) one year to help bring GLS to the prison in Kingman, Arizona. Last week, after hearing the stories about how the Global Leadership Network does exactly what we had originally collected the money to accomplish, we gave the balance of $3,500 in the offering received at the GLS this year.

So all of the monies were used exactly for the purposes we collected them for in 2016, just not in the places we thought.

To hear stories of how this money given will impact the lives of people, click below.


Here are some photos of Dr. Brian Ellworth getting ready for GLS. The first shot is the gift bag given to each recipient. He also expressed his appreciation to our church through his text. We provide registrations for each of our “local strategic partners” and we refer many people to Dr. Brian for counseling!
His arm, which was broken about “as badly as possible,” is out of its cast and healing nicely (pray for its functionality!). His brace is scheduled to be removed on September 21. Please continue to pray for his complete healing!
“Getting everything all ready for GLS tomorrow including the ability to take notes. Just thought you would like to see the setup. Thanks again for your generosity.”
Some people have asked about donating to help pay for bills like the air vac to Tucson. Click below for his GoFundMe page.
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