Father's Day

Root beer, Donuts & Walking by Faith

Dads, our culture has treated us badly for generations. We are often portrayed as dumb, self-serving and immature. Sometimes we do behave in some of those ways BUT I think the main reason it’s being done is a spiritual battle because we are SO very important in God’s plan for the family.
Believe it or not but for many, their initial images of God are set by their experiences with their fathers. Without dads, Children often fail to develop the ability to submit to authority. Boys learn how to properly love a women from their dads. Girls find security and a healthy self-image from the way they are loved by their fathers.
There aren’t any of us who have raised children who don’t wish we could have some “do-overs” BUT DON’T GIVE UP!
David made some very serious mistakes (especially as a father) but God still considered him to be a man after His own heart and we can learn some valuable lessons from him that will help us slay the giant of inconsistency!
Come this weekend! The message will be an encouragement from David’s life with how walking by faith leads to unexpected blessings. We want to honor Dads who seek the Lord by treating them to donuts and root beer (that’s speaking MY language!) under the Ramada after each gathering.
 (special thank you to Nessa for picking up all the root beer for us!)
I believe this Sunday could be a life-changing message for you, like it was for me when God first revealed it to me years ago. I hope you can make it!

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