Church Connect

... How Pleasant it is for Brethren to Dwell Together in Unity...Psalm 133:1b

This is another “because you gave” event. On February 28th, over seventy people from eleven different churches gathered in our building for two hours of fellowship, worship, and encouragement!
I thought the roof was going to blow off our building during worship! When people left, everyone was asking, “What’s next?” and “When are we going to do this again?”
It was an evening where we provided dinner, brought in our friends Dan Steffen, Bryan Bloom, and Rachel Kekic from Pure Heart Church in Phoenix, and gathered staff and key leaders from nine other churches in town where we seated everyone at tables with people “who did what they do at other churches.”
We opened by affirming all of our guests as having a unique mission in our community where they “reach people we can’t reach” and “we want to encourage you to bear much fruit as teammates in the body of Christ!”
The idea for this came from our staff field trips to Pure Heart Church where they do something similar up there and for the last 7-8 months, I contacted 18 pastors, treated 15 to lunch and/or coffee on multiple occasions, shared this vision:
My prayer is that God  will use this to:
1. Develop relationships between bible-believing churches
2. Unite us by focusing on what we have in common with the Good News of Jesus
3. Encourage one another through prayer
4. Help each of us bear more fruit in the unique missions God has assigned each congregation that will be represented.
In the end, 9 other local churches came together with over 60 staff and key volunteers and witnessed God showing up in a BIG way!
YOUR GENEROSITY made it possible!
What is next? We are planning a second Church Connect this Summer in July,  under our ramada and then another one in the Fall to be hosted at one of the other congregations. Please join me in praying the prayer outlined above and that God will build on the great work He started through us!

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