Words Cannot Convey How Grateful I am

Many Hands Make Light Work

Project Serve Report

We just completed our sixth Project Serve and it’s been a joy to hear the stories that immediately began to roll in! What a joy to drive to our site and pass team after team praying together with the home-owners! Then at the conclusion of the two projects I helped with, our team snapped photos and prayed again!
We earned the opportunity to touch the many lives of people in significant ways only because we served them! Health concerns, struggles, needs, were prayed for because of the ways people took an interest in those we served.
Additional benefits were enjoyed as well
For me, I got to invite someone to church who came to our church for the VERY FIRST TIME!
For another, I watched someone enter the auditorium with a big smile, who had previously given up on church but started attending TMC several weeks ago in part because of a conversation about Project Serve with her friend that convinced her to give church another try!
Another said that she got to brag on Danielle and her Guest Services team when a newcomer asked, “How do you provide this much for everyone?!?”
Every year, the time to connect with people in our church with whom I have limited contact is priceless! Special bonds are created and this year was no exception.
Below is a letter we received from a lady whose yard one of our teams worked on! We are reaching out and touching lives for Jesus!
Thunder Mountain Church,
I am writing to you from the bottom of my heart for the yard work that was done in my yard over Labor Day weekend. I never expected the extent of what was accomplished.
Jeff and Dave ( the only names I can remember), they and the others were so cordial and God's light definitely shined through them.
Words cannot convey how grateful I am for what the team did, and I truly appreciated their warm friendly attitudes.
God bless them and  the wonderful Thunder Mountain Church!
This year we had 208 volunteers come out on September 4th to serve! (180 on projects, 17 guest services , 11 in childcare).
There were 20  "official" projects (rumored 22).
In total , we had 19 teams plus the dumpster team! It was wonderful to serve alongside each other and then come together for food & fellowship afterward under the Ramada.
Wasn't the new landscaping around the Ramada beautiful?
 Will Silva and his team worked hard to complete the work in time despite many rain delays. The cement looked great in large part to Danielle Light and Jorge Galindo who power washed all of the mud for the Serve Fair rather than let the mud bake on there.
Just like we talked about in the “Get Off the Bench” series, the Lord has a position for each one of us to play and we are all needed! What a joy it is to see our church operate as God designed us!
If you enjoyed Project Serve and would like to do that kind of evangelism more often, contact
 Mike Tailford, the Outreach Projects Team Coach at Outreach@ThunderMountain.org .
His team has several areas where you and choose to serve:
1. Construction
2. Moving
3. Painting
4. Yard Care
We are helping CareNet raise the funds they need in order to be able to create a mobile unit to travel Cochise County. This fundraiser for the mobile unit  will help them take the love and mercy of God throughout our county. We are now collecting the bottles to give  to Carenet! You can bring your filled bottle back and leave it at Connection Point this Sunday! Thank you so much for your support and prayers for this ministry.   

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