Sunday is Coming

Here's What You Need to Know

While we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus every Sunday, there is something special about the actual day it occurred!
THINK ABOUT IT . . . The resurrection ACTUALLY occurred on a day in our history!
Good Friday Prayer Walk.
Enjoy a meaningful time of prayer by yourself, a friend, or with your family by moving along from station to station around the perimeter of the campus. Start at the front door and follow the directions from there.  This will be available starting at Sunrise on Friday until approximately sunset on Sunday.

Worship Gatherings
Saturday: 4:00 and 5:30
Sunday: 8:00am, 9:30, 11:00
*Children’s Small Groups at all gatherings!
When to Come
With there being no additional times for additional Sunday morning gatherings, Saturday became our only option and we are asking people to give up their seats on Sunday to come on Saturday evening.  Last year, 216 did exactly that and this year we anticipate needing more to serve in this way.
Thank you to all who are serving this weekend! Please consider “sitting” on Saturday and coming back to serve on Sunday.

Where to Park
If you are able, please leave the best parking spots for our guests. We want to walk so somebody else doesn’t have to.
Where to Sit
Rooms start to feel full when attendance exceeds 70% of the capacity and when that occurs, what might feel comfortable enough for us to look around for a seat is very stressful for a new guest. I remember one Easter when someone I knew left because they couldn’t find a place to sit.
SO, what I am asking for us to do to be good hosts is to “scoot in” and leave the accessible aisle seats for those whose comfort we hope will cause them to want to return.
Thank you for your willingness to help others feel comfortable and welcome.

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