Exciting News

Drum Roll Please!

Want some exciting news???

The mortgage on our building has been paid off!!!
Starting with a $1.5M loan in 2008, refinancing $1.3M in 2013 and adding nearly another $1M in improvements, thanks to two capital initiatives (Building Faith and Relentless Love) and the continued faithfulness of many, we can now save every dollar for the next building project!

Kim and I actually have enjoyed each of the three capital initiatives we have undertaken. We see them as a great way to grow our faith, our awareness of God’s power and love, as well as helping our church take hold of that for which we believe God has taken hold of us!

Many of you know exactly what I mean and if you have been contributing to the Building Fund to help eliminate this mortgage, THANK YOU and I ask you to join us as we continue our contributions in preparing for the next initiative to be announced in March.

The BEST is yet to come!!!

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