Necessary Suspension, Praying It's Temporary!

Children's Ministry Update

Beginning Sunday, April 24, we will have to suspend our children’s ministry at the 8:00am gathering. I pray that this will be temporary.
Between 65-75% of all children attending on the weekend come to our 9:30 worship gathering and with our limited number of Children’s Ministry volunteers, we cannot adequately staff three gatherings and need to consolidate those resources so we can open new classrooms at our busiest gathering
Beginning the week after Easter, unfortunately we will have to discontinue offering children’s ministry at the 8:00am gathering. I pray this move won’t be permanent but with 7-10 children coming at 8:00am and needing to add more groups to accommodate the 60-100 kids who have been coming at 9:30, we felt there were no other options at this time.
I really want to be able to offer something for children at 8:00am and we would really like to make the children’s gatherings offered at 11:00 parallel to 9:30 but until we can re-grow the team, our focus will be on providing for the children and caring for the volunteers in light of the high attendance at 9:30 the very best we can.
If you would be interested in learning more about joining the Children’s Ministry Team, you may email Pastor Graham at:

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