Elder Comment Period

Elder Selection Process Update

The process began with getting recommendations from the congregation. Now the time has come to give you those whom the current eldership recommends to be installed to serve a three-year term on the eldership of TMC.

This phase is known as the “Comment Period” where the names of three men are put forth and you either communicate to affirm their selection or to submit biblical reason why any of these should NOT be installed on Sunday, December 12.

Alan Claytor

Alan is “homegrown” in that he first came to TMC in the 90’s for the benefit of his children but in the process surrendered his life to Jesus and developed a heart of compassion for others! He has served in nearly every ministry TMC has offered including two “tours” as an elder (2011-2014, 2016-2018). Currently he is in the final stages of becoming a licensed counselor as a second “retirement” career!

Jerry Haliburton

Jerry is the epitome of the kind of man we want to see God grow through TMC!  Jerry has walked with Jesus for several decades, and his best years are RIGHT NOW because he and Judith never stop seeking God and taking their “next steps” in their relationship with Him! This will be Jerry’s second “tour” as an elder (2015-2017) and we are excited to have him back!

Mike Tailford

Mike is relatively new at TMC. He and Janet came a little over two years ago and Mike currently leads the Volunteer Outreach Project team. Mike is a man who also excels in pursuing Jesus every day of his life and possesses a heart of compassion for others!

All three men are committed to the Bible as the Word of God, seek to give biblical counsel to others, and exude the Christ-like characteristics of humility and love! The current eldership is excited at the prospect of welcoming these three men at such a time as this when big steps and decisions will be made in the next three years that will determine the course of this ministry for generations to come!

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Florine Tuggle - November 24th, 2021 at 9:52pm

Good choices. I don’t know Mike but can see he is very involved in serving and helping others. Had the pleasure of working with Alan when he volunteered to assist me in Sunday School class that I taught. A pleasure to work with. Had the pleasure to meet Jerry when he and team installed a door on my garage after my husband died. Also had the pleasure of being in a study group with him and his wife Judith. May God guide pastor Youngblood and the Elders during this selection process.