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The Philippines Needs Our Prayers!

Posted by Caitlin Waterbury on

The Philippines needs our urgent prayers! The typhoon Vinta hit just before Christmas, causing severe flooding, destruction of homes and over 200 reported fatalities. Pray with us for the protection of our Strategic Partner and that the islands will receive the relief aid they need.

This is what our partner pastor send me on December 22nd (identities have been hidden for security):

"Hello Sister Caitlin,

Greetings to you today.

Hope you have a joyous Christmas celebration there. With our affected brethren over here they can not celebrate as they normally do because they are struggling to get back to their feet again as they are hit by the devastating flood.

I had to walk for miles ( I have no personal car but rely on the public transportation ) yesterday to check the homes of the brethren. There had been no public transportation since most of the people use the their own vehicles for evacuation and halted as well by the impassable roads
and bridges. There are no electricity at home and no reliable cellphone signal.
That's why I was not able to contact email you yesterday. No running water as well in most homes. Our city has been heavily flooded especially the low lying areas.

My family is safe anyway but our church members are suffering of the aftermath of the flood especially those living at the low lying areas.
Some had brought nothing except the clothes in their backs.

The P family fled away from the raging waters without anything brought. All their earthly belongings had been submerged in muddy water. Their house has been submerged and all their household stuff. All their clothes are buried in the mud brought by the flood. Some neighbors lost their homes.
I saw yesterday about three houses had collapsed since its just made of wood and metal sheets as most common in slum areas. Pastors just like pastor L, Pastor R, Pastor M and Pastor A as well as Pastor J. All of them had been flooded and all their earthly belongings are submerged under muddy waters.

Our church is okay. Nothing submerged because days before we brought our equipment to a higher elevated place. Part of the roof has been torn. Winds were so strong.

So far I have not heard yet from the rest of the church members who are possibly affected by the storm especially those living at the low lying areas and flood prone villages due to transportation has been hindered by destroyed bridges and no cellphone signals.

The city's economic activities has been halted by the storm which dumped flash floods to the city rivers which swelled beyond the dikes.
As bridges destroyed and closed down since it has been impassable. Transportation halted that I walked for miles to check the church and communities affected, wading a knee deep dirty waters on the way home this morning. Yesterday afternoon I went back again and checked our brethren. Some of them had evacuated in schools and their relatives on high ground.

Please pray with us as we help our brethren recover from the
aftermath of the typhoon. I will be buying rice, noodles, Hygiene kit,
kitchen utensils, thermo jugs, water jugs, mats , some clothes and blankets as the Lord will provide. Thank you for your loving concern for our
brethren over here. Your prayers and help are greatly appreciated.

Hope you enjoy your Christmas.

May God bless you.

in His service,

Here are a few photos from a news report pastor sent:

FARMLAND COMMUNITIES. Among the heaviest hit communities in Lanao del Norte is the remote village of Dalama in Tubod. Photo from Province of Lanao del Norte Facebook page

REFUGE. Residents take refuge on top of their flooded houses in Bubong, Lanao del Sur. Photo provided by ARMM Assemblyman Zia Alonto Adiong

FLOODING. Police rescue residents along Kalambaguhan Street in Cagayan de Oro City as Tropical Storm Vinta lashes Northern Mindanao on Friday, December 22, 2017. Photo by Bobby Lagsa/Rappler


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