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The Philippines Mission Update

Posted by Caitlin Waterbury on

Our Strategic Partner in the Philippines has been doing great work recently. Here is an update sent about their recent mission trip to rural villages:

"Greetings to you today.

My mission team and I arrived late last night about 10 pm from the mission trip from Miarayon and Tikalaan as well as in Aglayan and Songco. We had traveled even in the midst of the ongoing threat of the typhoon Urduja which is the 20th typhoon which hit the Philippines this year.

We traveled very slowly at the speed for only 5 miles per hour
through the steep mountain trail in the middle of nowhere where it is foggy and so dark with only 20 feet visibility. Our rented pick up has no fog lamps ready for severe inclement weather, so we just stared at our front shields to help our driver maneuver through as our driver also steered through the rough road in the middle of the bush and critical canyons. Anyone could have been a victim if there would have been armed brigands that would try to ambush our team, and in panic we might have fallen into these dangerous mountain terrain.

We began to get nervous since in that middle of nowhere is known to be a place of many ambush incidents in the past by the brigands and rebels. We were relieved when we arrived at the populated village of Tikalaan safely where some of our Higaonon brethren waited for us. We were offered a hot instant cup of noodles just to fill our hungry stomachs, then proceeded to the rest of our two hour travel back to the city completing our 17 hour mission trip.

We distributed audio Bibles to the Higaonon tribe at Miarayon, especially at the small village of Tinaytayan which has a notorious reputation of brigands and bandits. The tribal church over there made an impact of winning these bandits to Christ and some had been so guilty that they fled from that place because they were convicted of their evil doing as the pastor preached the word of God.

Now these places of Kibanggay Miarayon, and Tinaytayan
have been known as a vegetable basket of the province of Bukidnon and a safe place for more mission works. They requested more audio Bibles and we will have a Jesus film showing at the village. The people were exhilarated
with joy as they received the audio bibles. I would appreciate if you can help us with the traveling expenses in the coming weeks to these villages.

Please pray for our safety as we are experiencing a life threatening
flooding due to this typhoon Urduja. Please see the updates.

May God bless you today.

In His service,
A & E"

Here is a link to a weather update in the Philippines: 
Here are some things to keep in your prayers for our partner in the Philippines:
  • Safety from rebels and mountainous terrain during long mission travels 
  • Safety during the upcoming flooding from the Urduja Tropical Storm
  • Finances for travel expenses and a new vehicle 

If you have any questions or comments, please do so below or reach out to TMCC's Outreach Coordinator Caitlin Waterbury at



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