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Result of Militant Extremists in the Philippines

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Dear Sister Caitlin,

Greetings in Christ.

We are all safe and our city is so peaceful but precautionary measures have been taken by our military and government forces to ensure no spill over and no terrorism will happen. Thousands of  people from Marawi seek refuge to our city and they need food relief aid. In fact yesterday we are beginning to buy sacks of rice and boxes of  noodles for the relief operation. We are just scrapping the bottom of the barrel finding ways to have relief goods to help the displaced families. We are catering first those families who are being accepted by our brethren's home over here to help for temporary place of shelter of the refugees.

Please pray for the Christian teachers and residents who are being stranded in the gun battle between the government forces and the local rebel group called Maute. We are also praying and asking your help for audio bibles in Maranao dialect. We can download the Maranao audio and put in a SD card and then we can insert to mp3 players. There are more than 1 million Maranao who embraced Islam as their religion. Only 0.20 percent are evangelical Christians. The Joshua project made statistics put color red on the progress of evangelism on this people group, meaning there is not so much progress in reaching out in this people group. Please pray that this situation will turn to their salvation and deliverance from the bondage of Islam. May God use the audio Bibles in Maranao to open their eyes to see the true Living God and Savior Jesus Christ. 

May God bless you always.


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