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Prayer Requests and Praise from Papua New Guinea

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Hello praying friends and family,                                  27 June 2017 

Before I introduce you to our new teammates, could I ask you pray for Cindy and Jerry Walker?  Cindy’s dad is in hospice now dying from cancer.  Please pray for her family as they say a temporary goodbye to him.  (He is a believer – so there is the hope of seeing him again.)  Pray especially for Cindy’s mom, it will be a tremendous change for her after so many years of marriage.

Because no one on our team has ever taught it before, we are not able to have the Culture Meets Scripture workshop this year(CMS).  We will do the CMS workshop next year and are changing the workshop this year to God’s Big Story. It is an overview of the entire Bible in a one week workshop.  Please pray for us as we finish outlining all the topics we want to teach and prepare all the lessons. (See below for the outline of the course.)  We only have a week to prepare everything until we head to Wewak, spend two nights there and then drive to the village.  We will teach the workshop three times in a row to accommodate the church leaders from all ten language groups.  Pray for stamina for us as we teach it multiple times.

Please pray for our trip next Thursday (6 July) driving the road from Wewak to the village. We are hoping that it would only be a 7-8 hour ride in the back of the truck.  Please pray the grass on the airstrip would be cut! 

We praise God that Crystal is able to come and help us teach the God’s Big Story workshop! (pictured below)  I am especially thankful that Crystal can come to help as I cannot be there for the last week of the workshop.  (In March I was elected onto EC – the Executive Committee.  It is a group of people that meet together for one week three times a year.  It is kind of like an oversight committee – encouraging and helping our director to make sure that we as an entire branch are following our objectives.  Please pray for this new EC – there are several of us who have never served on a committee like this before.

We praise God for our new team mates – Esther and Willem van de Bruinhorst from the Netherlands!  We met Willem back in 2013 when he came out to help us do some construction and maintenance on some of our buildings.  He is the type of guy who finds a way to fix something – even when he does not have the proper part.  He will be doing 50% maintenance and 50% Scripture Use in our project.  Esther was a nurse in the Netherlands and she is coming to do Scripture Use in our project.  (Although I am sure we will be calling upon her nursing skills from time to time…)  We rejoice that God has brought this couple to help us get His Word out to people in the Aitape West area.  They came to PNG for 8 months in 2013.  Please pray for them as they readjust to the culture and are brushing up on their Tok Pisin language skills. 

Would you please pray for the national elections that are happening over the next 10 days?  Many of my Papua New Guinean friends have been asking me to pray – so I pass on their request to you.  Each day different provinces are voting.  They are electing all the national positions – the Prime Minister and all the Members of Parliament (like our Senators).  If you want any more information on the elections – you can look it up on the web.

Thank you for praising and praying with us.  I realize that I have brought you many things to pray for – maybe you can spread them in your calendar over the next few weeks.  Or you can print out the email and hang it up in your office.  Down below is the rough overview of what we are teaching each day in the SU workshop – if you want to pray for us day by day.  Here are the dates of the workshops and when the church leaders from each language are coming:

Week 1 -  9–15 July – Arop, Pou, Sissano languages

Week 2 - 16-22 July– Malol, Barupu languages

Week 3 - 23-29 July– Goiniri, Wolwale, Romei-Barera, Ramo, Sumo languages (Beth goes back to Ukarumpa for meetings.)





Session 1




Session two




Session 3




Session 4


Evening activity

Day 1


Why did God create this world?

Lesson 1


Old Testament Timeline activity



Lesson 2


Old Testament timeline activity


Geography of Bible times



Lesson 3

Genesis topics

*Creation and sin


*Tower of Babel

*Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph


Lesson 4

Genesis topics

*Creation and sin


*Tower of Babel

*Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph

Bible character film or Bible overview video?

Day 2


Devotion about OT character from Genesis

Lesson 5


God’s promises to Abraham –


Lesson 6

*Israelites in Egypt




Lesson 7

*Israelites in Egypt





Lesson 8

Egypt to Mt. Sinai

*cross Red Sea

*wander wilderness

*Law – 10 comm.

*Golden calf


Day 3

Show how Jesus is the sacrifice for our sin

Lesson 9

Tabernacle and sacrifices


Lesson 10

*Entering the promised land - *Joshua



Lesson 11

1st Israelite kings

(Saul, David, Solomon)


*Temple – God dwelling with us


Lesson 12

The divided Kingdom (good and bad kings)



Bible character film or Bible overview video?

Day 4


Following the King or not following the king…


Lesson 13

Going into Exile – Assyria, Babylon


Lesson 14

Daniel – focus on chapter 1-6


Lesson 15

The return from Exile  (Ezra, Nehemiah)



Lesson 16

Prophecies about the messiah


Do the timeline of the NT.

Overview of the day

Day 5


- use of language through the Bible from Genesis thru Revelation, ending with everyone praising God around the throne

Lesson 17

Jesus born and ministers and dies, Resurrection of Jesus


Lesson 18

Church age

*Knowing God

*Worshipping God

*Following God


Lesson 19


*Tribulation - *antichrist

*second coming of Christ


*Heaven – final dwelling with God


Lesson 20



Bible character film or Bible overview video?


I am always thanking God for you – for how you pray for us and how you support this work.  May God’s richest blessings rest on you and your family.  The Bible is amazing!  I am so thankful that I can be here to teach it to others – so they can know God’s peace, salvation and presence.  Beth


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