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Prayer needs for Christmas in India

Posted by Caitlin Waterbury on

With many festive plans approaching this holiday season, don't forget about our international partners! Pastor Satyam in India has plans to bless his community this Christmas with gifts, food and fellowship. Read what Pastor Satyam sent and you can keep these needs in prayer.
"Our most dear and respected family in Christ, 
Greetings to you in the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Thank you so much for your kind reply and your sincere prayers.
I always do pray so ardently to God to bless you, and exalt you all in His love and grace. 
Please pray for Christmas ' main activities: 
  1. New clothes for poor and old age widows (Total 20)
  2. New clothes for orphan children and 3 very poor children (Total 25)
  3. Prizes for all Sunday school children (70) and for Bible quiz winners also
  4. Christmas Feast for all church believers, widows, orphans, all Sunday school children and other poor people.
  5. New year calendars (2018) for all church believers
  6. Christmas celebrations and new year  celebrations and etc.
Please pray, help and recommendation for these main activities of Christmas.  My hope is that God can provide above things for His poor people through you and TMCC' blessed hands.
Glory and honor to Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for your prayers, and also for trials in our ministry development. May God always bless you and our TMCC richly.
Gratefully your obedient in His service,
Pastor. N.satyanarayana,(satyam) Bethlehem church and orphanage."

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