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Praise and Prayer from Las Moras

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Almost two weeks ago, my co-workers´s son, Kester, was burned on his legs by just-boiled water. Praise the Lord, they were able to fly him out to the doctor and his legs are healing. However, they are still there, waiting for his legs to heal well enough to return to our mountain environment. When they return, we will continue teaching God´s Word to the Nahuatl.
This was most definitely NOT in our plans, but we are trusting in God´s sovereignty and care for our lives as well as the people of Las Moras.

I invited Leyo into the house to warm up with the last bit of soup from our lunch. She had just returned from washing my weeks’ worth of laundry in the creek and the afternoon was cloudy with a cool breeze. As she sat and ate, we started talking about the Bible teaching.

Leyo has been very interested to learn about what we believe about God, even before we could clearly communicate. She hasn’t been able to come to all the lessons because the late rains caused planting season to coincide with the first two weeks of teaching. She missed some lessons to help her husband and sons in the cornfield. Back at home after her work, she listened to the recordings of the lessons that she had missed.

We talked about the last two lessons, where we studied God creating humans. God’s account is very different from their traditional story and beliefs of man and woman. As we talked about the differences, I said, “The people here will have to think good about what they will believe, if they will believe God’s story or what the people before them said.”

Then Leyo said, “Well, I say that we should believe God. Because, who else but God was there at the beginning? Who else knows what really happened? And God doesn’t lie, so we should believe what he says.”

I praise God that people are weighing the differences between God’s Word and their traditional beliefs and choosing to believe God!

We are just at the beginning of teaching and have just barely challenged their worldview. There is SO much more to come that will greatly clash with their beliefs. Please pray that Leyo and the others who are hearing God’s Word will continue to say, “We should believe what God says!”

Please pray:

  • Physical & emotional healing for Kester.
  • People to faithfully come and listen to God’s Word.
  • God to glorify Himself and to reveal Himself to the listeners.
  • Wisdom as we follow up with those hearing the lessons, for insight into what is being understood and what is not being understood.
  • Clarity of the message for Pete as he teaches in Nahuatl and Katie as she translates into Spanish.
  • Moments of rest for all of us, between preparing lessons, teaching, visiting for follow-up, discipling the believer, translation, and visitors at the house, we are pretty busy!

Praise God!

  • There are many households represented in those coming to hear. And those that come, take the recorded lessons back home and many times the whole family listens!
  • Quite a few youth have been coming pretty regularly to hear!
  • So far, the people have been understanding well, and have been excited about God’s Word in printed form and in recorded form.
"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."
"Mah primero, kátika in Dios y yel ukichí mochi in tal iwál in sielo."
"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."
"Mah primero, kátika in Dios y yel ukichí mochi in tal iwál in sielo."

I have been sending out short, frequent updates to a prayer group who want to pray specifically during this teaching period. If you would like to be added to this group, please reply and let me know. Thank you.



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