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Philippine's update and prayer requests

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Greetings to you.

Thank you for your kind support and prayers with us with the mission works over here in the Philippines especially the tribal mission works.

We thank God that our church  leadership staff got some changes for the  better. They made initiatives to get others involved. The have conducted also yesterday men's fellowship meeting and women's fellowship meeting as well yesterday. The relief operation to  Maranao evacuated families from Marawi to Macanhan continue.

The Young adult discipleship continues. I challenged and launched an EACH ONE BRING ONE, EACH ONE TEACH ONE.

So far there is some progress after I challenged them to move forward.

My son took over the leadership of the praise and worship team as our worship leader Rhona stopped for work to support herself and her family. I was disappointed about her decision. Many could not stand the difficulties and hardship in life and they quit serving the Lord. 

Anyway the Spirit of God moved in a mighty way as we had our praise and worship service yesterday. The power of God was so evident. Many people attended the meetings. 

So far traveling in some areas of Mindanao island is quite difficult due to so many checkpoints after our president declared Martial Law. Some areas that we used to travel for two hours sometimes got tripled the traveling time, especially with the buses. So we are waiting that all these things will settle down. Please pray that we can have our own pick up car with a four wheel drive so that we may able to reach out the remotest tribal communities.

Please pray with us as well for audio bibles and solar lamps for our tribal church congregation.

Please continue to pray for the church and the movement over here in the Philippines. 

May God bless you today.


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