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Papua New Guinea Workshop Update and Send Prayers!

Posted by Beth Fuller on

Hello praying friends and family,                                         25 May 2017

37 out of 50 participants got to Wewak for the Oral Bible Story telling workshop.  Challenging road conditions and difficult communication meant that some people did not make it and the workshop started 2.5 days late – but praise God the workshop is on!  Please pray for these participants as they learn how to read a passage of scripture and craft it into a story.  Please pray for Gary and Denise as they facilitate the workshop and for the Papua New Guinean trainers who are teaching the workshop.  

Our workshop went great in the village!  (Despite all the sores and sickness  – I used more than a role of tape covering infected sores, boils and wounds – and then later when a terrible cold came in we used over 150 Vitamin C tablets – I praise God that Missy had so many because I ran out! And several people were sick with malaria, too.)  In this workshop, the translators finished final revisions on 1-3 John and Jude, finished the rough draft of James and translated 4 or 5 chapters in Mark!  Nine languages recorded the books of 1-3 John and Jude!  Literacy students from 8 different languages were producing books – at least 5 books in each language in their two week workshop.  We praise God for all the work that was accomplished – despite all of our health challenges!  (And as I read that paragraph – I am thinking, no wonder I am so tired!)

Please pray for the translators – they are out in their villages selling audibibles, sabers and micro SD cards loaded with everything we have translated and recorded for all 10 languages!  They are also selling DVDs of the Jesus Story in 8 languages and Scripture pictures!

One TEE group finished a book in their course and the other group got half way through a book.  The second group could not meet as we are still waiting to get their books (they are in a reprint).  Praise God for how we were challenged to learn in these books of Christian Marriage and Family life and the book of Acts through these books.  Please pray that the reprint will be finished soon so group 2 can get their books. 

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST:  Please pray for a PNG woman, Rebecca.  She and her husband have worked on the Bible translation for the Folopa language.  She has a health problem – a growth in her pelvic region.  She needs a CT scan and possibly a colonoscopy.  Only Port Moresby, the capital, has hospitals which have the proper diagnostic equipment and the possibility to treat whatever might be found.  We will try the public hospital first – I am prepared to wait 12 hours a day for one week – and if we still have not been seen or they cannot help us, then we will try a private hospital (which is a more expensive route).

 Please pray for us:

Travel Monday we will take a PMV (public motor vehicle) 4-5 hours down to Lae to catch a commercial flight to Moresby – I just got our tickets

Lodging -  that I can find an economical place for us to stay in Moresby – we might be there for up to three weeks

Hospital -  that we can find a hospital with a working equipment AND doctors/technicians who could interpret the scans/tests – please pray they find a diagnosis

Treatment -  that we would also find a way to treat the diagnosis – whether that would mean surgery, or some type of medicine

Rebecca’s 6 children – she has already been away from them for a month just to get this far in her diagnosis and I suspect it will take at least another 3 weeks (She is a single mother as her husband left her to marry another woman 6 years ago.  Her relatives are watching her children in the village.) 

Safety  - for us as we travel around the capital – for safety and that we find the right places to go (I have never spent much time in Moresby – so I have a lot to learn)

Witness - Please pray for us to be a witness of Christ’s love and power to all we meet, I am taking my TEE study work with me – I have a whole book to do as we wait for her to get in to see doctors – as I go through the book – I will read it out to her and this is a chance for all who are surrounding us to hear and learn (Christian Marriage and Family Life book 3)

Rebecca is an a woman of character.  She is a midwife helping to deliver babies in her remote village (she does this for no pay).  At her church she is one of the leaders for the women’s group.  She has remained faithful to God despite her husband leaving her and her health problems.  She just talked to her husband on Sunday for the first time in six years – what did she say to him after all that time?  “Please come back to God – you must repent, you will only find joy in God.”  If there is any way that I can help this woman – I want to try.  I urge you to pray – pray that God would show His mighty power!  Pray that God would comfort Rebecca’s children!  Pray that if it is God’s plan for Rebecca to continue to teach others and bring glory to Him that He would lead us to the right hospital, the right equipment and the right doctors.  

I believe strongly that God is at work in this difficult situation – Rebecca and I do not have the strength and wisdom to deal with all that we will face as we go – but we are not worried, because our hope is not in ourselves.  We stand upon our Rock – Jesus Christ.  We pray that we would be a fragrant aroma of Him to all that we meet.  God is sovereign and He is at work – please pray that we would be able to join Him in the work that He is trying to accomplish through these circumstances.  

I have seen God’s power released through your prayers.  I ask you to join with me once again to pray to see the mighty ways that God is capable of showing His love and His power.  Thank you for praying with us. 



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