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May Report from India

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Holy greetings to you and all our precious brothers and sisters of TMCC from my family and my Bethlehem church and orphanage.

         By the grace of God and your sincere prayers, through ANM, I have today on 23 May received your kind monthly support. I praise God and I thank you so much.

          With your kind help, I have distributed 5 kgs of rice packets to 14 poor, old-age widows, and 6 persons could not come to church to receive, for fear of sunstroke (from 45 to 47 degrees [113-116 degrees Fahrenheit] heat maintain in our area). So, I took their packets and went to their shelters and gave to all 6 persons. All of them are so happy and with happy tears they praise God Jesus, and so ardently prayed to God to bless TMCC.

          As usually, Every after Sunday worship, I distributed food to poor and old-age widows and orphans. And I have always been trying my best to care as much as possible to look after 22 orphans who are under my care. In this summer, almost all farm workers and boys cannot receive any work calls. Sunstroke is affecting the people. All people hide from shine, hence they suffer from starvation. I pray God serves them a little at these situation in future.

        I am now listing out the "RESUMES" (testimonies) of the 20 old-age and poor women destitutes. Soon I shall send the copies to you.

       All these charities I have been doing for the poor and suffering is only because of TMCC. It is TMCC only that has been strengthening and leading my church into all good days to come. And you shall have the holy blessings of God for allowing me to serve Him.

May God's grace be with you all. Remaining in prayers.

Gratefully your Obedient in His services,

Pastor N.satyanarayana.(satyam) Bethlehem church and orphanage.


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