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Las Moras Update and Prayer Requests

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It has been several months now that we have been teaching God’s Word here in Las Moras.  The novelty has worn off and life has gotten busy again: the days are shorter, kids are back in school, moms have school responsibilities, it’s harvest time for one crop and planting time for another.

Attendance has dwindled, but there are people still wanting to hear a little more of God’s Word each week.  The audience is a little different each time, with a small group of ladies who are more faithful than others.

A few lessons ago, we taught on Jesus’ birth.  They know about Jesus, that he is God’s son but had never heard the story of his coming to earth.  There were gasps and clicks of amazement as they heard about the angels foretelling Mary’s pregnancy and Jesus’ birth.  Giggles of understanding as they heard about Joseph wanting to leave Mary because she was pregnant with another’s child.

At the end of the lesson, Pete explained that it was Jesus that we celebrate at Christmas.  Here in the mountains, Christmas is just like any other day.  They know that the people down on the coast celebrate the season, and until that lesson of Jesus' birth, they had no idea what the celebration was for.  We explained that it wasn’t just a birthday party, but a celebration that God had sent his own Son to earth to save the people from their sins.

Now the poinsettia bushes are in full bloom here in Las Moras and it's the time where we remember Jesus coming to earth to be our Savior.  I pray you had a special time celebrating Christ this season!  Merry Christmas!
Things for which to pray and praise God!

  • People are continuing to come hear God’s Word.
  • Many of those listening are believing what they have heard.
  • Pete has also begun to teach Abelino's family in their family community, 2 miles away from the village. That whole family group seems to be very interested in the teaching.
  • I’m finishing up some last checks on the Scripture portions to be checked in January with the translation consultant. Praise God more Scripture will be available and pray that it will be clear and understandable.
  • I was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism as a result of Hashimoto’s disease.  Please pray as I figure out how this affects me.
  • Pretty much all of us except baby Cana are dealing with health issues, environment/food allergies, my hypothyroidism, and there is still no diagnosis for Katie’s health issues.  Please pray that God would give us strength to do each day what he has for us.
  • I'm thankful that I got to see my family this Christmas in Texas!


We just finished hosting another dental clinic in Las Moras helping 120 people from the area.  Thanks to the dentists who came to help us serve the people this way!
Praise the Lord for a good harvest this year.  Right now is a time of plenty when people have corn and squash and beans that they have planted.

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